1. All photos used are either from my own. If not, it would probably come from Pexels, Unsplash or free, stock images.

2. All opinions made from a certain product are from my own experience upon the length of use. It is not a form of badmouthing the aforementioned brands if I experienced negative or unpleasant results.

3. All opinions expressed do not represent nor affiliate my institution or employer I’m connected with.

4. All products mentioned in this blog are bought from my own money unless stated that it’s sponsored.

5. All reviews are made with TLC and honesty and will never be rushed nor forced for the sake of promotion and sponsorships.

6. Comments are operated and moderated by Askimet which makes the comment section spam-free by default.

7. I will not coordinate and collaborate for brands that need promotion but require you to spend a peso or more.

8. Anyone is welcome in my blog but if in cases of distress like leaving abusive, harmful, NSFW comments, note that you’ll forever be banned.

9. The contents of this blog might be abrasive and not suitable for younger readers.

10. Sensitive topics like gender, race, religion, ethnicity, political stand are not welcome in this blog.

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