Why I Miss Being a College Student

Just a few days ago, I saw a post of an old friend who tweeted about why she wants to go back to being a student; as holiday breaks are still a privilege compared to adult life that holiday breaks are not even an option. Her post was so relatable that I can’t help but to reblog it. Because of this, I felt nostalgic too and wanted to make a blog out of it.

Being in college and getting out of it is hard and I totally agree with that. I had countless moments in college where I had so much difficulty to pass a project or a subject. I have also experienced sleepless nights making through a deadline, a failed test, reports and projects, and shame for not being prepared on a scheduled class reporting.

If I could remember college as a whole, I will remember college as a repetitive series and cycle of procrastination and cramming. Being in college will bring out the best and worst in you and you will get to know your capabilities and unique skills. In my case, I discovered that I could pass my exams just by studying an hour before the exam. I found it effective as my way of studying even though I highly don’t recommend it at all.

So, for today’s post, I will share to you some of the greatest things I missed when I finally graduated and became a salarywoman.

I have lesser responsibilities

I miss those times where the only problem I have is when should I report, cram through my assignments and projects and worrying if I could pass my classes. I am not a good student nor I study diligently but I miss those trying times where I had to cram and study a 30-page lesson 1 hour before the exam, staying out late just to enjoy some school activities and have lesser guilt if ever I miss a class. I miss having evening subjects and very early as well. I miss my schedule of sleeping until 10am and going to school at 1pm. I definitely miss those times where I could make some mistakes and still be given a chance to correct it.

I still have allowances

I went into college without a concrete financial support but I always have allowances back then. Though it’s not enough to pay for eating at the canteen but I definitely missed it. I miss how I would come short of money and I still have to pay for some contributions or buy some materials for a project, and end up asking more from my mom instead. I don’t have to worry of how I will come up with that amount of money knowing that my mom is always there. Though my mom can’t provide an allowance that is bigger than 200 pesos per day way back at college, I still miss receiving allowances from my mom and how easy it is to acquire some money without working too hard for it.

I can declare absent anytime

When I feel like lazy or sick, I tend to inform my absence in an instance without worrying of penalties and deductions. Whenever it’s raining hard outside and I still have a class to attend, I definitely will cancel and stay home and not worry about it so much. When I have finished may class in the afternoon and my next class would be in the evening, I could just go home and make an excuse for not making it. Though it’s not good as a student but I really miss those times, where I would not risk my health or safety just to come at school to commit to my tasks and keep up with my stats.

I can skip classes if I’m late

I told you, I’m not a good student and I skip mostly of my classes especially the evening classes. I get really tired waiting for these classes since majority of my schedule for 4 years in college had long vacant hours. So if I get tired waiting and just wanted to go home, I will not hesitate to skip it. I miss this too, the guilt-free feeling of skipping a day and just rest from a stressful environment. I wish I could do that now that I’m an employee. *sighs*

I have much more time

This is by far one of the things I miss the most: the ability and privilege to have more time for myself. I miss those times where I had over 5 hours of vacant time and I will kill time by either going home, strolling to the mall, staying in a restaurant, playing at a computer shop, visiting to a bar, going to other places, etc. I definitely miss those idle times where I get bored for running out of ideas of where should I stay during those hours. Now, I lost track of the time for myself when I graduated and barely had the time to enjoy the day and do things freely on my own because of a jam-packed schedule.

I get to see my friends everyday

I don’t have lots of friends at school but the opportunity to see your classmates everyday and interacting with each other is precious. I never would have thought about missing this because back then at college, I tend to be distant and shy as a person. I don’t get along well with other people and my classmates but now I treasure how important friendship is. I miss socializing with different people and getting nervous for meeting new ones as I barely meet new people to talk and share ideas to. People at work are so boring and mysterious, I feel that I must not befriend nor trust them.

I can sneak and eat out during the day

Finally, saving the best for last is the time I miss sneaking out of school and staying somewhere else. I definitely, definitely missed this! I miss wearing my school uniform and having only 1 scheduled class and the rest of the day is for going out. I miss staying out on a cafe, entering into a cinema, going to my classmates’ and friends’ houses and doing a movie marathon or drinking session on our own. It sure is fun and I had a lot of good times to remember during my college days and suddenly, all I do now is a cycle of going to work then go home.

College is tough and scary at first but I tell you, once you find comfort on being alone and discover your abilities to not depend on others, you will make it. I may not be a good student nor had awards when I graduated, but as long as I had fun through that 4 years, I will always choose to remember those rather than regretting of not being a topnotcher.

Though being a topnotcher is better, I still prefer to be average and still enjoy things around me because I realized now that I’m fully employed and tied to an 8-5 job, that being good at everything will always have a con. And in my case, I might be doing very good performance at my job but I’m missing and losing lots of events, people and intimate moments in my life.

P.S. I will be posting a lot starting this week to use fully all of the drafts I have left before the year ends as I will be switching to a new niche next year and would seldom write blogs like these. I hope you won’t find it annoying. 🙂

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog! Follow for more posts like these.

2 responses to “Why I Miss Being a College Student”

  1. Lol your list does trigger some nostalgia in me. But I’ve realised that I’ll always look back with nostalgia, no matter how crappy my days were. Someday I’ll look back on today and feel nostalgic too, which means I better start appreciating today. Anyway, thanks for this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed! Sometimes i feel like I’m stuck with the past and don’t even get to enjoy the present which will be nostalgic in the future. (does it even make sense 😂)

      Thanks for reading!


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