Hobbies You Need to Learn at Your Early 20s

I’ve seen and heard a lot of advices from the elderly especially for people like me who is still in the early 20s. They say that this age is the most critical stage in our lives because this is where we figure and decide what will we be on our 30s. All the things I do today will make a great difference and influence great impact on my later days. So as tempting as it is to just laze around, I have to push myself harder to achieve the things that I want settled during my 30s.

My birthday is just 2 weeks ahead and I am years late to realize that I’m turning 24 already. I lost track of my age and forgot how to act like my age because I am so focused to achieve things before I hit 25. It has not sank in yet that I am now fully an adult, it just feels like yesterday, that I’m still at school, cramming for my exams and my only problem are friends and deadlines. Looking back, I realized too that I don’t have much memories like before when I became an employee. My time was mainly allotted just for work, rarely had time for myself and I could say that life of an adult is really boring.

Moving on, I have been really focusing more on Tiktok recently as I left FB, IG, and Twitter for a while and I saw this trend on Tiktok about the hobbies that you need to learn. It’s quite general and interesting at the same time so I thought of making a blog post about it especially it’s my birth month and very timely. For today’s blog post, I will be sharing with you an inspired post from Tiktok on 5 hobbies you and I should learn even if you’re not yet in your 20s or already beyond.

Making Side Hustles

1st on the list I saw on tiktok is that we should learn a hobby that will make us some amount of money. It could be in forms and types of investing, trading, mining, small businesses, part time jobs, social media platforms, affiliate programs, etc. In my case, I was not given an opportunity to have much time for myself and my hobbies so if ever I had, I always trade that time to rest instead. But if by any chance, I am in a situation where I have much extra time after having the rest I need, I will definitely learn more skills that I haven’t at school and can be a great edge to add to my resume, land me to a better job or sell my services and products.


Second is that, we should learn a hobby that will keep us in shape. It could be going on the gym, doing yoga, having a hearty and healthy diet, being in athletic sports, etc. but I’ve never been an athletic nor an active person ever since because I have asthma when I was a child and any excessive exercise can tire me up so much, triggering my asthma. This second point will be really hard for me. So to maintain my shape, I intend to focus on my eating habits first before I really go on to the harder part which is being active and lifting heavy metals since all of the hard work will go to waste if you don’t condition your mindset first and adjusting your meals.


I grew up with books around me and believe it or not, we don’t have TV during my childhood. Books are the very reason why I am wearing thick freaking glasses now because gadgets are still expensive during the early 2000s. I considered myself a bookworm before and got out of that phase when I was in high school and college but now that I’m employed, I had this spark of curiosity and excitement again to read books. I never knew books will always be a part of me and my life. I tend to read books when I feel like I’m getting less information than I should. And this is the third hobby to learn: supply your mind with new information as it will either give you new knowledge or refresh it.


Journaling can be done in different ways such as bullet, planner, gratitude, art, travel, junk etc. It totally depends on how you make it and this is the 4th habit that will evolve your mindset and a must to be learned. Having a journal is just like keeping a diary from your childhood days but the contents are very much different. Journaling could help our mental health be in a better place since this could not just help us organize things and some nerve-wrecking and triggering thoughts, or recording of events, ideas and feelings but we could also focus on things that should be done immediately. Aside from that, journals are great for reflecting on our goals, affirmations, growth and blessings that came into my life.


Last one of the list is the hobby that will bring out the creative side of yours. I chose cooking as it could be done by any gender but this last kind of hobby could be crafting, gardening, writing, painting, designing, organizing, sewing, etc. It’s so vast that the only thing you need to mind is your creativeness. To be honest, I really don’t have much experience in the kitchen and if I ever get to cook, I always struggle on what should I cook. I always look through a recipe guide but always end up doing my own, messed up and burnt version instead. This has happened a lot to me in the past and I just think that cooking brings out the innovative and creative side of me that I haven’t fully discovered yet.

Just thinking back to all 5 hobbies, It’s kind of a lot to learn and can be overwhelming but there’s no much rush in here, we could always find a time to each one, well at least before we hit 30, we have other sources to generate income, right?

To keep everything simple and make all these things a hobby, try doing things one at a time, maybe try learning 1 habit every month and then another. This mindset of doing things little by little has been proven effective for me since I usually get overwhelmed when I see that I have a lot going on my plate.

If you are also like me, who’s in their 20s, struggling with life and adjusting to our new chapters, I hope you find this helpful. If I had known these hobbies even before I graduated, I could have even started earlier.

How about you? Do you have any hobbies that you found really helpful during your 20s?

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