4 Apps I Use to Get Inspired Whenever I Feel Blank

Have you ever had moments where you are so tired in life, may it be because of extensive school projects and deadlines or overwhelming load of work, that made you think like a robot? Have you ever had scrolled through your phone and don’t understand why you keep opening and exiting the same app again and again just to scroll through endless posts of memes and unnecessary information? Have you ever had stayed in one application or website for a whole day and didn’t notice that you’ve been there for too long already?

I’ve had experienced this kind of feeling where I feel just blank emotions, where I think I’m on auto pilot mode and don’t know what to do for the day. I tend to have lots of things to do during my day-offs, I always yearn to make it as productive as I was during the weekdays but I always end up being a potato couch all day, definitely wasting all the limited time I have supposedly for my passion, plans and self.

I am way worn out from my 8-5 day job and whenever I get the chance to rest, I make sure to rest first until I fully recharge again and if I have more time to spare. That’s when my mind goes blank and forget all the plans I laid out on Thursday that I should be doing over on Friday night which is very unhealthy for me because I don’t want to live a life that I can’t even do the things I like. So, in today’s post, I will be sharing to you 4 phone applications I use to bounce me back to my feet again after a breakdown or feeling emotionally blank like a robot.

1. Tumblr

This is by far the best get-away application ever. Whenever I wanted to have a social media detox and just want to chill and be alone, I always go back to my tumblr account and blogs. The thing that always kept me coming back on tumblr are the amazing photographs, indie aesthetics and unique blog posts. Plus the abilities to customize and combine html codes to design your page is very fun hobby for me. I totally love discovering new things, photos and information and by scrolling through the app and blogs, I get really motivated to be creative on my own too.

Tumblr may not be that famous in our country (Philippines) but this app is definitely not dead as it has the warmest and nontoxic community especially for indie bloggers. Less dramas, controversies and noise. I cannot stretch it enough on how good, cozy, and comforting Tumblr really is to me.

2. Pinterest

Second app that is closest to my heart is Pinterest. I discovered this website back at high school and I really don’t know what’s the use of it before so I left my account idle for years. Now, when I was at college, I had lots of major classes that involves art and I’m not really an artsy person and I wanted to get some ideas and inspirations to create my projects. That was the time I decided to reinstall and log in again. I never knew Pinterest could be this helpful in my life even if I’m employed already.

Whenever I want something to be done, a project or an art maybe, and I run out of ideas, I usually head over to the app and search for endless ideas and inspirations. Pinterest is a very broad website full of helpful information. I could spend a whole day just pinning and saving things, getting some ideas and inspirations. Through that, I could get back on my track again feeling all overwhelmed yet satisfied.

3. We Heart It

Another app that I mistook back then to be so useless but is a very powerful one is We Heart It. To be honest, I seldom open this app even to this day but I noticed that majority of the amazing photos I reblog at Tumblr came from this app. We Heart It, as I will describe it, is a combination of Tumblr and Pinterest. I believe that majority of the amazing photos I see on other social media outlets originated from here and this is where I could find the owners that has amazing tastes and aesthetic.

I’ve never heard about this app, neither from friends nor classmates, until i discovered it myself through using Tumblr. I don’t even know a friend who uses this, not one even mentioned they’re still using it. It might be quite dead here in our country but there are LOTS of amazing photos there, that are just so satisfying in the eyes, you’ll definitely be saving it to your gallery.

4. Tiktok

When I’m full of ideas and get really creative, I filter that out and create an inspired content with my own touch at this app. Tiktok has been a controversial app ever since this pandemic started. Even though this app existed way before the Covid times, majority of the people in my country got fond of this app when the world was in strict lockdown and quarantine last year, 2020. There was discrimination and teasing about people who are now using the app and there, I told myself that I won’t be joining the bandwagon just to avoid the teasing but here I am now, uploading my 60-second videos too.

I love how creators could provide such vast and helpful information for a video that lasts only for 1-3 minutes max and can make a series out of it. Another thing that I liked was how the most relevant, helpful and important information that are not shared thru other social media websites exists here only and your timeline depends on your interest and filters out videos you don’t want to see.

Correct me if I’m wrong about these opinions I have but majority of these applications are not really relevant and famous in my country as of now but I still use these apps since it really stimulates my brain juices and helps me get back to being creative and inspired. I had lots of moments in my life where my brain just stops functioning and don’t know what should I be doing but these apps, they gave me reason to function again.

Sometimes, I would think to myself that maybe, I’m not really destined to be a creator. Instead, maybe, I’m destined to be just one of the people that subscribes, follows, watches and learns. I may not have built some great photos, contents and videos as good as others and I still don’t know yet what’s ahead of me but as long as i keep creating, I know I’ll land somewhere good someday.

If you haven’t checked yet or just new in this little and humble blog, I am an aspiring lifestyle blogger in which I write blogs about my life experiences until I also started creating art through bullet journaling and penpaling that I share on my Youtube channel, Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook Page. I have a long way to go as I’m still learning things and balancing out career and passion but I hope you do check them out on the links below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog! Follow for more posts like these.

4 responses to “4 Apps I Use to Get Inspired Whenever I Feel Blank”

  1. I keep going back to Tumblr even if my blog is empty.

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    1. Indeed! There’s just some unique charm there that you’ll always be coming back to Tumblr. Thanks for reading! 💚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Pinterest is such an amazing app!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ikr! I mean the ideas and informations there are just so overwhelming yet i love it! Thank you so much for reading! 💚

      Liked by 1 person

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