Why I Still Read Books and So Should You

When I was on my childhood, I grew up literally with books. We don’t have a television for years and all that’s left for me to do is read the books available in our house. As a student, I really have a lot of spare time plus the fact that back in my time, internet and gadgets are still not that popular and affordable. So, I am stuck with books and ended up reading them over and over again especially if I liked it so much.

So, don’t bother questioning why I am wearing eyeglasses so early at the age of 10. I started to have headaches everyday and I lived with vicks in my hands every afternoon to rub on my temples. My eye grade went higher over the years that I’m still reading books, I didn’t care back then, all I really wanted was to read. I realized now of the harm I did to my eyes and I can’t turn back time anymore. That’s the downside of lacking control and self discipline. I’ve grown up now and relies on my eyeglasses to live.

I did regret it and stopped reading for years but as soon as I started to get employed, I realized I still love to read and discovered another hobby. For today’s post, I will be sharing the reasons that kept me from reading books and will try to convince you to start reading too if you’re not reading much or haven’t tried at all.

Books are golden

I believe that books will forever be there even though our world is moving on to the digital world where magazines, manuscripts, comics, and any written kind of publishing may go extinct. Manuscripts may be lost but as long as a person has an imaginative brain and yearns to write things, may it be a story of his life, a story of someone else’s life or just a story of pure imagination and fantasies, books will stay forever within us. Books may be vintage for the majority of us yet they are golden and a classic. Not all but the generation these days are more equipped with their gadgets, and I, too, would admit that I also have been one of these people. But as I grew older, I realized that there’s nothing that could beat the peace I have when I’m reading a book.

Books are better than films

Back then, I would have a debate with a friend that films are much better than reading the book but once I have read the book first of a certain movie, I couldn’t agree more that some books are really better than the film. I mean emotionally speaking, it’s better and books have this kind of feeling that you are also part of it. Unlike with the movie, you’re just watching and don’t feel like you’re inside or taking part of the actual scene. I don’t know if I’m making sense but if you get it, you know what I mean. Yes, there are great movies out there that came from a crappy book but there are also some crappy movies that came from an amazing book. And there are also great movies that came from an amazing book too.

Books can teach us more

Looking back when I’m still studying, I really am not a good student but I can’t believe I can finish my essays much faster than my classmates. I mean I could come up with ideas easily and make stories out of it. I also realized that I love to write things up and I can express myself more through writing. I don’t mean to brag and I’m not a good writer either but I think reading books at an early age helped me cope-up while I was at college. Knowing that I did not do good during my high school years, I’m not very articulate when speaking, my vocabulary isn’t that wide but books taught me new words and ideas. Even though I’m not a student anymore, I’m still reading books to learn new things and expand my vocabs more.

Books are the best time-killers

Agree with me or not but I stand my case that books are the best time-killers. Back then, I also thought too, that nothing can beat the fun of using gadgets during vacant hours. Indeed, playing games, watching movies, or just surfing through the net is fun but gadgets needs to be charged. The battery equipped with the gadget is limited while books are unlimited. I only realized this too, just recently, when I experienced a power outage and interrupted internet connection for hours. I was saving up my gadget’s battery and I couldn’t use it much then I saw a book, grabbed it, and started reading. I did not even realized that the outage was done because the book I was reading got me hooked.

Choosing a book is also important for you to continue reading. Choose a book that intrigues you the most, may it be the storyline, title, or cover. Most of the books I own are not really my type and honestly, I pick my books by price. I don’t buy stuff at their regular price, I always wait for a sale or any kind of discount before I purchase it. The books I wanted are really expensive so I always get the books that are on sale first and just try the books that are not really on my list.

Sometimes I would regret getting the book (after I finished reading) just for the sake of a discounted price and find that the book is not good at all but most of the time, the discounted books I got are great and I seldom regret it. Speaking of discounted books, I have a book haul, all purchased at a discounted price, uploaded on my Youtube account. I will link it here and you may want to watch.

I hope I was able to convince you with the reasons I have on why you should also read books and not just fully rely on technology. If not, at least I tried.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog! Follow for more posts like these.

2 responses to “Why I Still Read Books and So Should You”

  1. These are some very good suggestions for why people should read books. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. yes, i mean i have a lot of people i know that wasn’t opening books for years already! thank you for reading!

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