A Typical Day in My Life as a Salary-woman in the Philippines

Hi loves! I’ve been out again for quite some time, but now, it’s shorter. It’s officially over half of the year and I haven’t improved a little in this blog ever since I’ve started. I’ve been going through a really hard moment in my life right now and I just decided to cut off all my social medias and left only a few, this included.

I realized how much I could focus if I uninstalled my social media & shopping applications and now I thought I will do something on this blog, though just experimental, to break off the “always-on-hiatus-mode” and writer’s block I’m always experiencing. I have been really struggling on what kind of approach should I use or what blogs should I publish. I always run out of ideas, motivation and words because I’m really just having a hard time to balance the things that I should share as I became a very private person now. Another factor is because of my very busy schedule, the unmotivated, burnt out, and lazy me tends out to not brainstorm ideas because it’s just really tiring.

I hope I could keep up and know myself more in this experiment I had in mind. I think this is a great idea to break off the ice and connect to my readers personally without really exposing personal things that I don’t want to share. I will be starting the experiment on this blog post.

For today’s blog post, I will be sharing with you a typical day in my life as a salary-woman in the Philippines. As a salary-woman working in a big telecommunications company, I usually hate Mondays as it gets really busy, taking cold baths and early mornings. I hate commuting to and from work and a very limited lunchbreak. It gets worst through the week, I always end up contemplating every morning when I’m forced to work even though I wanted to sleep more.


To start my day, I usually wakeup from a loud ringing tone from my alarm which I usually set as 5:45, 6:00, 6:15, 6:30 (lol). If it’s Monday or Tuesday, I usually wakeup at 6:00 and I cannot extend any longer no matter how sleepy I am since I know Monday is a busy day, a start of a new week, and commuting to work is hard as hell. I usually just take a bathe which may include episodes of “power sleeping” on the toilet before I totally wash my hair.

After the cold bathe (since I don’t have a heater), I put on my work uniform, put on my socks, brush my hair, arrange and fix my work bag which usually takes less than 20 minutes. Then I eat my breakfast, drink lots of water, brush my teeth, put on my face mask and wait for my lunchbox to be finished as my mom cooks and prepares it for me. I must leave our house as early as 7:00 for me to arrive at work 30 minutes early. As I commute to work, if I’m on the mood, I read e-books or watch anime and if I’m not, I just stare on the views, feel the early morning breeze or sleep. I always arrive at our office on time and usually just prepare my desk before the day at work officially starts.


Most of the morning is just about work, stressful work and huge numbers of people coming in to complain, ask for assistance and avail some products and services as that is my field of service and work. By lunchtime, I usually just wash and refill my water tumbler as I don’t get the chance to drink water during the whole morning since I find it hassle to remove and replace my mask every time I chug some water. Then I eat my lunch cooked by mom packed in a leaky lunchbox that I must replace soon. I usually watch 1 to 2 episode of a sitcom show while eating and just freshens up after. If I still have a lot of time left, I usually sleep or check my socials before going back to work.


This is the most awaited time I’m looking forward every day. When it’s time to go home, I finish up my tasks 1 hour earlier before the closing time so that I could leave exactly at 17:30 but there are times that I had to extend or not finish the tasks within the day and had to do it the next day. Nevertheless, I believe that I should not work beyond 17:30 as we are not paid overtime. I commute from work to our home which usually takes over an hour due to rush hour traffic or it’s just that jeepneys are already full. During the traffic, if I really had an exhausting day at work, I usually just sleep to recharge but if I still have some energy left, I will either play puzzles on my phone or watch anime.

As soon as I arrive home, usually at 19:00, the sun has set already, the lights in the house is still shut and I spend more or less 5 minutes to unlock the house since I usually arrive earlier than my mom. Upon entering, I just change to my lounge clothes, place my lunchbox to the sink, call my partner, jumps to my sofa bed and just starts talking randomly about my day.


Hours after, when I’m finally able to rest for a while, I usually search the fridge on what should be my dinner, see some ingredients chilling and my lazy self would just choose to eat the instants because it exhausts me to prepare the ingredients before cooking dinner. I usually skip dinner because of this and I end up sleeping with a grumbling stomach. But if by any chance that my mom arrives earlier than me, I usually have a hearty and healthy dinner. Life is really easier when you have your mom around.

After eating dinner, I usually just go back to being lazy, rolling on my bed, playing some games and gets up to set up my bed and when it’s time to wash-up, put my skincare on–which I usually skip because I’m too tired. lololol–turn off the lights, dives back to my bed and just scrolling through my phone until my mind finally shuts down.

I get really productive at work but when I get home, I am the laziest person. I don’t do any skincare anymore nor setup my journal early morning, summarize my day every night and read my book. My work is just exhausting as it is plus the long hours of commuting to and from the workplace. It’s just so rare that I still have much energy left to do things that I often skip. My day might look or sound to be very typical and boring since I’m not pursuing things that I love but I’ve tried it before, juggling both career and passion, and it just burnt me out more.

As of now, since I’m bound to a reality of being a salary woman, I accepted that I just get to do things I love and enjoy during weekends only and I have to thrive more 5 or 6 days a week to reach to the state that I badly wanted, be free, rule my own, have my time and be my own boss. It’s really burning me out and I don’t know until when I could keep up.

Just thinking about the fact that it’s Monday again tomorrow and I have to work hard again triggers my anxieties hidden deep inside me. But I can’t complain, instead be grateful that I still have a job, right? Anyways, I will end the post here and I wish you had a great time knowing my typical day as a striving young adult making through the harsh corporate world.

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8 responses to “A Typical Day in My Life as a Salary-woman in the Philippines”

  1. Sounds like an extremely busy day, it sounds like you work very hard. Thank you for sharing your experience as a working woman.

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    1. yes, indeed! i could totally declare that i’m so overworked but i can’t have no choice but to work hard towards the future. thank you also for reading! xx

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      1. I am sure it will pay off in the future! Xx

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  2. I like this content from you. Keep going 🙂 also a salarywoman in the Philippines.

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    1. Yay! Thank you for reading. 🧡

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  3. This is super cute 😊


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