My Top 3 Favorite Asian Food

As a tribute for the recent gold, silver and bronze winnings and achievements of the Philippine athletes at the Summer Olympic Games held at Tokyo this year, I decided that I will be blogging about the Asian foods I love to eat and definitely will share with people who have not tasted or heard about it yet.

I hope it’s not too late yet to post but for today’s post will just be very short yet also, very mouth watering. I will be taking you to some of the most delicious delicacies and cuisines of Asian countries that I like the most and that you might want to try whenever you visit these countries or given a chance to try.

1. Adobong Baboy

From the country with beautiful beaches and islands, from where I’m coming from, Philippines. This delicacy is inspired from Spain when they colonized the country. The Filipinos learned to preserve meat since refrigerators don’t exist yet before and they also learned how to let food not spoil for days by inventing this delicacy. This meal is basically an almost dried stew with medium cuts of chicken or pork mixed with sauce made of garlic cloves, onions, soy sauce, vinegar, salt, peppercorn, pepper powder and bay leaves. The sauce itself is very easy to make and the secret to a good adobo is letting the meat to marinate to its sauce for 24 hours, simmer the meat in it for hours or using the stock to make the sauce. Adobong baboy is my go-to savory food and a staple in our Christmas table. The tanginess of this meal will never fail and guaranteed that you’ll be asking for a second serving of rice.

2. Donburi

From a country where I’ve been longing to visit and migrate, the ever neat Japan. Donburi is a very traditional meal in Japan, it’s basically a go-to meal for busy people that is served in a bowl mixed with just purely goodness and complete portion of nutrients. It is a full meal composed of rice with viand, either meat or fish and sided with veggies. I personally haven’t eaten a legit donburi cuisine made at Japan but I was able to try it through Japanese restaurants available locally here in my place. Donburis is perfect for me aside from the fact that I like eating in bowls instead of a plate, the combinations of donburi is limitless. I love how convenient it is to eat and also easy to make. The portions of your bowl could be customized and will totally depend on your liking which makes it second closest to my heart.

3. Baozi

Lastly, from the country from where everything is possible, China. The history of our country was also influenced by Chinese people, our ancestors learned trading from them as well as the delicacies they left to learn. Cha siu bao is basically a staple in every traditional Chinese table and it has also become a very popular food in our country though we call it siopao here, it is still very similar to the original steamed buns which is made from flour dough with yeast and different variations of fillings from chicken to pork to beef to eggs and veggies. I find this as a very filling snack or appetizer to ease or stimulate hunger, it’s also very easy to carry around, accessible almost everywhere, and it does not come off as pricey.

I’m still having a writer’s block as of the moment and I have been struggling to find the best way to get out of it. I didn’t know it would take this long to get over it, though I’m not yet fully getting over it since it’s just very draining the past few months, I’m doing what I can to reset and produce new contents again.

Still, I hope, I was able to share some new knowledge and was able to make you hungry with all the delicious food I’ve mentioned. If by any chance, I will definitely make a part 2 of this if you like, just let me know on the comments. 😊

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog! Follow for more posts like these.

11 responses to “My Top 3 Favorite Asian Food”

    1. i got hungry just by thinking of it haha thank you for reading btw 🙂


  1. I love kungpao chicken too!

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  2. Masarap akong mag-adobo. Pero chicken. 🙂 Haha sakin talaga galing no? Pero oo, confident ako sa adobong chicken ko. 😀

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    1. pwede patikim ng adobo? haha di kasi ako marunong mag luto talaga, just instants XD

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      1. Hahaha I want to! Taga saan ka ba? Lol

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      2. omg i can’t drop it publicly here but here’s a clue, homeplace ng current president natin ngayon. haha (please don’t hate if anti po kayo) XXDD


      3. Awwww napakalayo pala! Akala ko pwede grab or lalamove. Hahahaha.

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      4. oo. pagdating dito, panis na XD

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