Coming Back Again from a Hiatus

Hello loves! I’m back from a long hiatus again. I’ve finally had the spark to write something again. I have been absent on this blog as always and honestly, I’ve never been consistent on this blog and to other things as well. If you have been a reader of my blog before, you may have noticed that it’s become a yearly tradition that I’m always MIA on this blog every summer.

I’m not quite sure if I’m dealing with writer’s block, ran out of ideas, just being lazy, overwhelmed with my life and the pandemic, super busy schedule, or I’m just unmotivated and exhausted to write. I don’t know really. But since, ideas are coming again to me, I might as well take advantage of it and give you an update on the things I did while I was away on this blog.

1. I uninstalled my social medias

One of the reasons that I almost forgot that this blog existed was because I deleted almost every social media handles I have during my so-called hiatus. I was so overwhelmed with life, questioned my identity, confused and struggled with my achievements and goals. I was having a very hard time mentally and emotionally that’s why I decided to do so. It was very hard to let go at first as it became a routine for me but I finally got used to it and saw it as a hard discipline for myself. Avoiding my social medias where there are lots of things that could trigger my anxieties, really helped me to focus on things I really wanted and had some peace.

2. I started to read books again

This was one of the things that kept my sanity as well when I let go of the world’s daily news, memes, stories and life achievements on social media. I kept on purchasing secondhand books, as by the time of my hiatus, I got hooked on this one author and specially Japanese mangas that I mostly spent my money on them. I just realized that I’ve spent so much time just scrolling through my socmed, adoring and envying my friends’ achievements and unlocking their goals, when I can just use that time to be part of a new world just by reading these books.

3. I focused on getting inspired

Since I was avoiding socmed and also unnecessary, impromptu purchases due to flash or clearance sales that I usually see on Facebook ads and other social medias, I tried focusing my spare time on looking for some inspirations and ideas to get me going even if my life has become “boring.” I installed some apps that I found later as very useful to ignite that spark of motivation and inspiration. Now, I got used to these applications and I open these apps when I need some inspiration and ideas for an outfit, moodboard or when I just want to motivate myself.

4. I started to vlog on Youtube

I’ve been thinking to vlog since I was in college but I don’t want my identity to be exposed, I don’t have the right equipment and I don’t know what niche should I be doing. After years of discouraging myself and just giving myself some reasons not to vlog, I started to vlog some stationery haul on my Youtube account 3 months ago. I found what niche I want to do, I also found the solution on vlogging without exposing my identity. Now, even if my first video wasn’t that enormous in views, I am still learning and still thankful for my first 5 subscribers and 43 views. You may want to subscribe if you are into stationery and art. 🙂

5. I purchased a premium plan

This is by far one of the biggest mistake and unforgettable thing I did while I was on hiatus. I purchased a personal plan and domain here at WordPress by accident! Though, at first, I wanted to cancel it and thought of it as a mistake yet I looked on the brighter side and realized that my domain just expired last May and was planning to renew but didn’t have the time, budget and will. Since it’s already here, I saw it as an opportunity instead to start something new out of this mistake. It sparked something on me and motivated me to stock up some drafts, revive and revamp the blog which could hopefully lead me to somewhere else.

6. I redesigned my blog

As mentioned, I revamped my blog and designing it was very fun to make. It took me days to finish, did it thoroughly and finally, viola, here it is! Aside from the new design of the blog, I’ve also decided to write in a new style which you’ll be seeing soon on my upcoming posts. I’ve been learning new things also during my hiatus, aside from the new vocabulary from all the books I’ve read, I am also learning on how to be consistent on things especially to this blog which I have a problem since I ever started.

I won’t be making promises on this blog especially on being consistent as I am struggling very hard on this which I am currently working on to resolve, but I hope that through my blog, even though I post few times a year, I was able to help, entertain and motivate a reader.

10 responses to “Coming Back Again from a Hiatus”

  1. Welcome back!! It’s always nice reading about things people do during hiatus and yours seem really productive! True rin na it’s better to read books than scroll online. Nakakadrain lang. I’ve deactivated my Facebook for more than 8 months na and it’s one of the best things I’ve done. You also realize na when you deactivate most of your accounts na hindi naman pala kawalan ang socmed. Hahaha.

    Will subscribe on YouTube!!! Keep going!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yay! Thanks for the compliment, but did not know that I was kind of productive na pala, I always felt stuck on something, somewhere. True! I realized that too, di talaga sya kawalan but the difference is I open my handles once a week just to check important messages and specially on our regions’ official page for announcements of vaccine rollout kasi nga doon na nila pinopost sa fb so I’m forced to log in again then uninstall ulit pag tapos 😂 thank you so much for reading and subscribing!!! Comments like this makes me want to write more. 🤗

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      1. What I do is I have a dummy account on FB where I don’t add anyone tapos follow important groups like that lang as well. Siguro mga once a week ko lang din sya icheck kapag naaalala ko HAHAHA

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Omg thanks sa idea! Will definitely do this 😂


  2. The uninstalling the socmed is relatable. 🥴 i have a love-hate relationship with facebook haha! Uninstalling now…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Same! Haha uninstall now then install later then uninstall again. 😂


  3. To prevent hiatus again,u need deep breath…do what u like..what make u cqlm..keep calm,eat proper,,timing eating konsistency ,dont eat hot and spicy…slowly eat,,seing the nature,growth green plant,,environment healthy,right???

    Liked by 2 people

    1. yes! thank you so much for the advice (?) if this is an advice or some sort of tip.


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