9 Foods I Avoided to Lose Weight

Funny how I lost so much weight last year, 2019-2020, that I never was able to share it with you guys. Aside from graduating from being a student, to a fully employed individual, to the coronavirus situation last year, losing all the weight I really wanted was the most amazing thing that happened to me so far in my adulting life.

It’s really satisfying to see yourself size down from medium to small, from waistline 30 down to 26, from 1 cup of rice to no rice anymore. Just a disclaimer though, I don’t mean to offend someone that belongs to the plus size and the curvy and who chose to be but losing weight and being petite is what makes me happy and very confident about myself. Now that I’ve gained again the weight that I lost this year, it kinda bothers me too because aside from my closet is now on small size, I don’t want to go back to being the curvy again. It doesn’t just suit for me and my height.

This suddenly reminded me of the foods I hardly avoided before that totally worked on losing some weight. I thought sharing this will be a great help too. I hope and wish that I could make this again and let’s do it together this year if you happen to be struggling on losing some extra weight too. But warning, in order to be successful on avoiding these, everything should start with a proper mindset and of course, discipline.

1. White Bread & Rice

Ah, yes. A staple in a breakfast table but as hard as I should say it, white bread and rice must be avoided at all cost. Our body needs carbohydrates but I prefer switching to an organic bread such as whole grain, wheat, gluten-free, sugar-free, without lots of preservatives, etc; same with the rice because it contains less chemicals and more minerals. Red, black or brown rice is proven to help you with your appetite, metabolism, diseases and it’s much more healthier than the commercial rice that we usually eat.

2. Oily & Fried Foods

I will make it general and simple. We, all, know already what oily foods could bring us and what are the risks of taking it much more than often. Eating foods with oil is non-avoidable and I won’t argue with that because it’s not wrong to eat but moderately. Examples of oily foods doesn’t just range from fried chicken, it could also extend to junk foods cooked with excess oils but aren’t noticeable enough. Greasy foods could be a threat to our heart health and we must always be cautious on how often and how much we eat foods that contains oil.

3. Fast & Junk Foods

This is like an extension of point 2 about the greasy food. There are a lot of fastfood chains around the world and admit it or not, eating one of their burgers or pizza is one of the most convenient way to eat. I, too, admit that I have eaten a lot on these fast food chains and they are irresistible. It’s cheap, it’s instant, it tastes good, convenient and most of all portable. There are really situations in our life that we couldn’t just eat healthy and we long or we need to eat these junk food. But no matter how tempting the smell of the store would be when we pass by their store or how cheap they are offering for a few big bags of potato chips, let us always practice discipline and minimize eating instants and junks if we really want to lose weight.

4. Meat

If you are conscious on your calorie count, then you must take much notice on your meat intake because aside from carbs, meat could give you more calories and cholesterol than you can imagine. Though meat is necessarily needed for protein buildup of our body and it contains lots of vitamins and minerals, moderation should be exercised. White meat is arguably healthier than the red meat since too much intake of red meat could lead to certain diseases and could heighten your risk for cancers. But if it were for me to choose, I prefer both to eat since they were created by God for us to consume but everything should be eaten in moderation especially if we are taking a step to a healthy lifestyle, diet and living.

5. Candies & Chocolates

Tempting as it is, I managed to avoid these goodies for me to lose weight. Any type, sort or form of sweet, tiny goodies were prohibited on my diet. A lot of my friends say why I’m being such a bummer when these goodies are just tiny and won’t affect my diet. Yes, I agree to that fact that it’s tiny but I certainly don’t when it comes to the fact that it won’t affect my diet because I noticed that no one will eat just one piece of candy. More or less, the minimum you could eat from a pack would be 3 to 5 pieces which could be in great numbers if we start calculating the sugar content. Eating candies and chocolate could ruin your diet and calorie count especially if you’re focusing on following only the standard daily calorie intake of our body.

6. Cakes and Doughnuts

Avoiding these two, sweet, yummy, and accessible delicacies isn’t just a piece of cake. Cakes and doughnuts are one of the most accessible dessert that you can find almost everywhere. It’s harder than it is especially if you walk past by a street just running some errands and then there it is, your freshly baked and mouth-watering cake with some vanilla frosting and strawberry whipped cream on the sides topped with a freshly sliced strawberries and grated chocolate bars. Wow, just by the words, it really is tempting but please, these delicacies contribute so much sugar on your body and we don’t want that when we are trying to lose some weight right? So if by any chance, you’re invited for an event where there’s cake, it’s not bad to eat one thin slice but please not the whole cake.

8. Milk Tea

Of course, who would forget the all-time buzz of the town it’s other variants? No one I think because of its popularity, almost all people in the city and countryside knows this well-known drink–the legendary milktea with its boba pearls. For me, I would define milk tea as one of the junk foods because I mainly describe milktea as a liquid bomb packed of sugar and carbs. Why would I say such harsh words for a delicious drink? Well, as I said, because of its popularity, there are now lots of milktea shops arising especially here in my country and majority of them, I have tried and will rate as 90% sugar, carbs, ice and just 10% pure tea. I could definitely taste tea on some of the local brands I’ve tried but everything is just so sweet and heavy for just a snack. So what I did, if ever I want to drink a cup, then it becomes my unhealthy dinner because even if I say such negative things, I also could not resist this drink because who wouldn’t?

9. Soda

Imagine it’s a hot summer, you’ve been out and been scorched so much under the sun. You come back at your home, all hot, sweaty and thirsty. You open your fridge and you see a bottle of frozen soda, what will you do? If it were me, I will have to drink the whole thing in 1 gulp. But my alter ego said stop, spit that junk out. I have to resist that fizz if I want to lose some weight and so should you. There are a lot of informative photos and videos posted already on the web on how much sugar a bottle of soda contains and I hope it will discourage you from drinking one because aside from it ruining your diet, it’s also very unhealthy. We all admit that it’s irresistible but water is still the best to quench your thirst so better stick with it.

Not gonna lie, this blog post really took me so much time to ponder and create because I, too, have gained so much weight starting this year. It’s very depressing to see all your hard work to lose weight just gone after compromising one or many of the restrictions on your diet. It all started from one compromise to another and now I have lost the control and I always feel anxious every time I eat my meal because I already forgot the things that are supposedly not in my diet.

Now that I have reminisced all the foods I started to avoid and restrict, I will now try to incorporate it in my diet and lifestyle and get back on my biz again because I don’t want to continue eating unhealthy and it’s very tiring to upsize my wardrobe again. I hope you could start doing these too and incorporate on your mindset.

If I haven’t mentioned, having a proper and concrete mindset incorporated with the restrictions and control for food is the key for losing weight. All these avoidance and restrictions of junk foods will be gone to waste if you don’t have the mindset to sincerely stop eating this for the rest of your life and not just for the sake of losing weight.

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