How’s the year 2021 so far?

Hey! It’s the 1st quarter of 2021 already! Time flew so fast that I almost didn’t notice that 2020, January and February passed by like a swoosh. It’s quite late already and I can’t believe that I missed January for a blog post. Life really got in and rarely had the time but let’s try again.

Basing on my recent post last year of December, I badly needed space and time too to heal from a traumatic experience that broke my heart. For that reason, I lost the motivation to write something or even was not inspired at all. Well, I might be dealing with writer’s block or I’m just really exhausted.

Then, I woke up today feeling a little motivated and read through some posts to get some more motivation. So I was able to pile up some points that kept me busy during the start of 2021 that might help you refresh your year as well before we jump in fully to March.

1. Decluttered my digital space

Starting a new project on cleaning everything for 2021 is kinda cliche and overwhelming but starting from decluttering my digital workplace may put me on the right track so I did take time and dedicated a day to just focus on my digital cleaning. Digital cleaning could start from deleting or transferring photos and videos from your phone, camera, laptops to a digital album, hard drive, or cloud backup. Photos and videos could take as much as 80% on our phone’s storage so we must make sure to cleanup our galleries/camera roll every now and then. Decluttering digital space could also be uninstalling unnecessary and idle applications since this could also affect our phone’s performance when it’s running in the background and eating up the battery. After this, I also started deleting some accounts that was activated when I signed up to some websites that I don’t visit anymore or often. This is to minimize the accounts that we handle and we could be able to track down to accounts that could only be essential to us.

2. Cleaned and organized my physical surroundings

Of course, after a day of cleaning my digital space, time has come to finally clean and organize my physical surroundings. This could get really tricky, overwhelming and exhausting since I will have to clean everything in the house starting from the bedroom, sala, kitchen, bathroom, garage to the cupboards, closets, pantry, desks and shelves. Now, I learned from a Netflix series, Tidying up with Marie Kondo, where she taught us on how to clean the Marie Kondo style. She started reiterating that to start cleaning, we must start with our closets and dispose some clothes that will never be worn anyway. This series is up for years already and if you haven’t watched, then, you must now. It has a book version and of course, always available on Netflix. Just give it a try because you might find cleaning as therapeutic and satisfying just like what it did to me.

3. Brainstormed my thoughts, ideas, and feelings

This is very important to keep me going through 2021 aside from all the cleaning. This took me quite some time to brainstorm about my goals for this year, ideas for some small business I had in mind, thoughts about starting a new career or lifestyle and especially dealing with my unstable emotions and feelings. I did this a lot and even doing now. For you, you might also start with brainstorming on thoughts that could benefit you from the future, some ideas that could bring out something excellent and amazing if you are to pursue it, and feelings that could affect your decisions throughout the year. 2020 might be an awful year for all of us but we are coming in to the second month of 2021 and we must not let the past hinder us to organize what our mind speaks out. Every good thing starts with a good mindset and everything will follow on how you attract it.

4. Set upped my journal and planner

Speaking of law of attraction, I will not let the months pass by not setting up my planner. Even though the coronavirus situation is getting better or worst for some, I already claimed and demanded to myself that 2021 must be a great year for me and for all of us. So I started setting up my journal and this was one of the things that kept me really busy for the whole month of January and February. Starting up a journal could be very overwhelming because of the overflow of ideas or worst, you just have a blank page for hours staring unto it. This happened to me, it took me a whole month to finally finish setting up my journal. I was overflowing with goals and ideas and having a hard time to organize those that I got overwhelmed with it. Remember the brainstorming I did? I finally was able to spill out all of that into words and ink, the hard way, using my journal. This really revved me up to get through a very busy month and for the upcoming months. I like my journal to have an artsy touch but anything will really do even if you prefer doing it digital. As long as you already have the mindset and ideas, that’s what matters most.

5. Updated my notes and lists

I have a very busy schedule and sometimes life just gets in the way and I forget a lot of things if I focus on just one thing. If ever I’m not able to update my to do’s weekly, my life is just all over the place. So I tried to update some notes that I need to remember for the week or month and the master list of things to do and buy constantly before the week starts on my journal.

This is very important in reaching the goal to have an organized life, it all starts on being constantly updated on your notes and lists that might be important, urgent or life-changing. Be sure to do this weekly and write it down on a piece of paper or your journal because I assure you that you will have a meaningful and organized mindset for the upcoming week. Life is a repeating cycle of to-do’s and work that sometimes it’s very unmotivating because you know this monday, it’s work day again. It sounds silly to do this the traditional way in a digital era but it really helps on having the motivation to start a brand new week again. Just try it.

6. Tried eating healthy

I’ve been trying to eat healthy since the peak of 2019 and I’ve been successful on doing it but everything changed, even my diet and eating habits, when we were all locked in the house because of the corona virus. That 2 whole months of quarantine was very struggling for someone who had been constantly maintaining my diet and soon after, I was finally defeated and started to eat junk again. I have lost a lot of weight year 2019 but everything started to gain again by late 2020 up to today. It is very stressful to lose the momentum of eating healthy and responsibly so make sure you don’t fall in these moments just like what happened to me.

If you finally had your momentum to eat healthy and disregard this for junks, I swear it’s really not worth it to give into your cravings because it will just mess up your system. Just stick to the healthier options of food as much as possible and always maintain your eating habits. Drink water before, during and after your meal. Eat in small portions and never be overwhelmed by the food served on your table. Take portions that you could only intake and invest into a healthy pantry.

7. Switched to organic

Speaking of a healthy pantry, I just found this out during my journey to the adulting world that healthy grocery items costs a lot more bucks than the junks available at the common grocery store. Have you noticed that organic items such as brown rice tend to get very expensive while as junk foods such as instants are very cheap and affordable? I’m wondering, just why? Because of this thought that’s been bugging me for quite some time now, I call grocery shopping as an investment to being healthy because I realized that your 1,000 pesos might just be a price of one bag of organic rice or oats at an organic store. And it sucks especially for people like me who doesn’t make much and could barely afford legit, organic items that are internationally made. If you are blessed enough and given the chance to do so, please switch to organic because it will definitely benefit you on the future.

8. Maintaining my savings

What a hypocrite am I if I call myself successful for this one because I never did. My year started on paying off my gadget loan and still paying it today. I barely get to maintain my savings because my expenses are getting really overwhelming. My lifestyle is changing and my life’s demands are also getting higher. I needed to do so not because society tells me but because I knew I will be needing these items to generate other income sources in the future. I always still opt for ways that I could save more, availing discounts and avoiding unnecessary purchases but life is just getting really pricier than before. Because of this pandemic, food items are much more expensive, bills are being tripled and the income is still just the same. A lot of people have used their emergency funds especially for those who lost their jobs and people are just bouncing back from the damage caused by the virus to displaced workers, closed establishments, and business bankruptcy. So I’ll leave this question for you to ponder because I don’t even know the answer, how would you juggle to pay your responsibilities with the same income and yet you are still able to maintain your savings during this pandemic?

9. Conditioning my mind

A lot of people say that having a good mindset is the beginning of good things and that if you have a positive mindset, everything will follow. This is partially true but nothing will happen if it only stays on the mindset and lacks action. So correct me if I’m wrong if I would say that I would like to rephrase this saying from having a good mindset to conditioning your mindset to good. We are all trying to do this law-of-attraction hype but little did everyone know especially for those who’s just joining the bandwagon that for it to work, you must also strive hard to do the action that may or may not attract the good and if you have conditioned your mindset on how and what are the processes that you could attract it, then maybe that law of attraction will really work. I really believe that God is still the very first reason to look into and he’s in charge of the things that will come our way but God hears and sees all our hard work and if we condition our mind to do good, then no good deeds will be unrewarded. For sure, something better will come our way because of the hard work we did and it all started from a conditioned mindset.

10. Staying consistent

I admit that being and staying consistent for a lot of things is quite impossible for me. I can be consistent on people and things that really matter but for some of the things that I just do for fun and stress-release, I really cannot assure. I’ve been very inconsistent on this blog and I’m sometimes getting ashamed of it. I have tried ways on how to be consistent on things I’m not but maybe, blogging is still not a task for me but a hobby. I’m not saying that blogging is not my priority and that it doesn’t matter but most of the time, I just don’t want to think blogging as a task yet unless I am earning something from it. I want to be productive as I could ever be and I think doing things constantly on my priority list first matters the most and then comes the hobbies if I still have the spare time.

Same as to other tasks, not just for blogging. Being consistent is really a hard task and a struggle for people like us who have a loaded schedule. Maybe I’m just not doing the time managing right but nevertheless, I am still young and don’t know what’s ahead of me. I might be having a hard time to juggle all but I will still always be making reasons to doing the hobbies again that I don’t do consistently. Maybe not now but sometime for sure in the future.

How about you? How’s your 2021 so far? Is it much different than the awful last year? Tell me your thoughts. 🙂

P. S. Finally, after 5 years of inconsistently blogging, I have reached 100 followers. Thank you so much! 💚

3 responses to “How’s the year 2021 so far?”

  1. I have been the same way. My novels have stalled out. You have the right idea of reevaluating and trying to move forward. I have been trying to do the same since losing Moose this January. I hope all goes well.

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    1. I hope so too. Losing a dog could really be devastating and i read that post series of yours last year about your dog, Moose. It’s really sad to see that you lost him and very hard but we will make it. thank you for reading! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ❤️ Thanks for reading mine

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