Is Asus Zenbook 14 Really That Good?

Last November 14, I finally made a decision to get myself a new laptop. I never really had a new laptop before, mostly are secondhand and in old versions. I had a few laptops before but I could not really call it my own because I just borrowed it or got broken. Considering this as an early birthday gift for my birthday last November 27, I finally had my own laptop and I got my hands on this Asus Zenbook 14.

As someone who travels around a lot often because of my work location and assignment, I intend to bring a lot of things and the majority of these are compact and portable. So I was really looking for a laptop that is light and portable and could fit in my Anello Bag.

I’m so done with these bulky laptops I had before and even the company-issued I have today isn’t just my type. I remember when I was still at college, I had a Dell laptop and it was soooo heavy that I get bruises and shoulder pain whenever I bring my old laptop out. I learned my lesson and that was the time that I realized that if I’m going to buy a new laptop, it should be light and easy to carry, anytime and anywhere.

So I researched on the net and discovered this beauty. I figured out that this is what I want. This is the laptop I was looking for. Asus Zenbook 2020 series has 2 core variants and 3 sizes. If by variant, it comes with an Intel core variant and an AMD Ryzen core variant. I was eyeing for the AMD Ryzen variant but sad to say, only the Intel core variant is available the time I bought this laptop so I had no choice. There is also an i5 and i7 series for the intel core variant and I chose the i5 Intel Core.

I’m not really familiar with the specs of my laptop but just basing on Asus’ webpage, I got the 10th generation Intel Core i5 for the CPU, 512 GB ram for storage, and 8GB ram for the processor. It’s just been a week or two that I have been using this laptop and I feel very contented with it. I don’t play games and I haven’t downloaded any movies yet but I tried downloading Genshin Impact and this compact laptop could carry on such a big game. I did not experience any lag or slowdowns though this laptop was not really designed for gaming. I really love how fast it responds and I’ve been really contented already with the i5 variant.

For the sizes, I got myself the 14-inch screen though there are 13 and 15 inches variant, I thought 13 might be too small and 15 might be too big already so I chose what I thought is best suited for me. I really love the size, even though the screen is just 14” but it has an 88% body ratio for better viewing, so I don’t really feel that it’s small. It has slim bezels and has a matte finish that doesn’t reflect even in bright environments. The colors and display of the screen are just lovely, I couldn’t describe it well but the colors were close to accurate and it could display bright and vibrant colors.

Even though it is a 14-inch laptop, Zenbook 13 has a big battery capacity that could last for 22 hours and has a fast charge ability. In my experience, I have used the laptop for opening minor programs and it took me 3 days to have it charged again. Amazing, right? Even with this big battery capacity, it is surprisingly thin and light with only 13.9 millimeter thin and only weighs at 1.07 kg that I could literally carry it with just one hand!

The other features that I like are the:

  1. Compact, edge-to-edge keyboard that is very professional to the feel
  2. A front webcam (IR Camera) that could be used for video calls
  3. The number pad on the mouse pad that could be activated with just one touch
  4. The Ergo lift hinge that helps in slightly lifting and cooling the laptop
  5. The Human Kardon Speakers that sounds really good
  6. The face unlock feature for easier access
  7. The backlit light on keyboard that is very helpful in dark rooms
  8. The ability to open the laptop with just your thumb

The Asus Zenbook laptop also comes with a micro sd card reader, usb port, hdmi port and 2 thunderbolt type C port for the charger and headset. Sad to say it doesn’t come with a audio jack but the package itself comes with a type C dongle to insert your headset, a charger and a laptop sleeve.

It’s been a few weeks since I have used this laptop and I could say that for the price of 52,500, it was a worthy buy and the best deal. I made the right decision to “invest” in this laptop since I know that it will last me a long time and this will help me achieve things. It’s definitely a good laptop to use if you plan to do either online school or home-based jobs.

The SRP of this product is 54,995 indicated on the Asus website but I got mine on Thinking
Tools for only 52,500 with a freebie of Genius wireless mouse, mousepad, and an Edifier noise cancellation headphones since we paid it with cash. We really got a great discount!

By the way, there are 2 colors available: Pine Black and Lilac Mist. Luckily, the only variant available that time was Lilac mist which I really eyed for. Funny thing also was that this laptop was the very last stock so I immediately made the decision to get it even if it had a minor factory defect on the bezel.

Overall, I am really satisfied with this laptop. I could say it is really good. It could be quite expensive but really worth it to get your hands on. I saved money for this for months and prepared myself. It was a tough decision but when I finally got it, I knew I won’t regret this purchase. It is small, compact, durable, and very portable. For sure, I have found the best portable companion and I think that is one of the best decisions I’ve made this year.

How about you? Are you also looking for a good, portable laptop? If you are like me that is sick with bulky and heavy laptops, why not consider this and start saving up now?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This is purely based from my experience.

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