6 Essentials to Always Bring This Pandemic

This pandemic totally changed our lifestyle and habits. Before the pandemic, we had freedom to roam around, laugh with friends, eat together in a long table, attend to mass events and gatherings, travel for leisure, etc. but now, all of that has changed.

Some countries have already conquered this deadly virus but to majority of us, especially my country, Philippines, we have not flattened the line yet. We cannot afford to totally crash the economy so we are all forced to go out of our abode and continue doing our jobs, groceries, transactions, etc.

Since we really can’t avoid being stuck at home. We need to go out to do important transactions knowing that the virus is just out there, ready to contract someone with poor immunity and hygiene. We have learned through the months on how to live with the virus and because of that, it has changed our daily habits in life.

Laws were created specifically for the pandemic. People were mandated to practice sanitation and self isolation. Curfews were implemented, tracking for every establishment has been also applied. With these new protocols we have to follow, whether or not, it is mandated by the law, it must be in our good will and intention to stop spreading or atleast minimize the spread of virus by practicing good hygiene and discipline.

Thus, being one of those people that needed to adjust to the new normal, i have compiled some of the important things that i needed to bring whenever i need to go out.

1. Alcohol

Of course, it was scientifically proven that isopropyl alcohol with 70% solution could kill the virus that’s why alcohol is now a necessity and must never run out. It’s a must have to stock into our shelves and always use it whenever we touch something in public. I admit that i don’t use alcohol very much often before this pandemic because it dries out my palms but now who cares. Better be rough handed than be sick, right? After this pandemic, i don’t know if i could still live the same without a bottle of alcohol in my purse.

2. Face Mask

This is pretty obvious too. Back then, we seldom wear face mask and we only wear them when we’re sick or we visit the hospital but now, every time we go out of our house, we must wear a mask. It is mandatory to either stop the spread of the virus or avoid the virus. There are different kinds of face masks but the one that works best in filtering water droplets are the disposable surgical mask, kn95 mask, and a copper mask. I would not recommend wearing cloth mask alone when going out because it has 0 chance of protecting you from the virus.

3. Face Shield

In my country, everyone is mandated to wear not just a mask but face shields whenever we commute or enter establishments. This is written in the law and we will be penalized if we don’t follow. This face shield scenario is a struggle for our ears and for those with wearing eyeglasses. It’s kinda hard to adjust with this add-on in our outfits since were not used to wearing this apparatus but we must not complain either, as long as we get to conquer the virus, we must cooperate if we don’t want to wear face shields for the rest of our lives. So if you are from the Philippines, you must never leave your face shields at home. Though face shields and masks are accessible anywhere or outside an establishment, better bring your own since that items might be contaminated by dusts and other particles. Always bring it when you have plans to enter a mall or office.

3. Tissue and Wet Wipes

Of course, we also need tissue and wet wipes not just when we need to dump the can but also for this pandemic. Tissues and wipes are a basic necessity even before the pandemic, we always bring this whenever we go out because we never know nature. For me, I find tissue as a must have to wipe the surfaces or knobs first before touching anything in public. Same scenario with the wet wipes, it’s perfect for cleaning your pen or surface before placing your hand in.

4. Ballpen

I don’t know if you’re bringing pens before this pandemic but for me, i don’t because i rely on pens placed at the counters of an establishment. When this pandemic hit us, the government mandated all the operating business establishments to create a contact tracing protocol by listing the details such as name, address, and phone number whenever this person will enter the place. By then, all of us are required to write down our details before entering a store which means we must touch their pen provided that might already be infected by the virus. Fret not, you won’t be touching these pens and contract the virus when you bring your own. From now on, after reading this post, get a small pen and place it inside your wallet to make sure you won’t be able to bring one whenever you go out.

5. Portable Sanitizer

There are things such as air purifier and sanitizers which we really did not pay attention to until this pandemic happened. Big cabinet-like sanitizers and air purifiers suddenly became a hit in the market which is quite expensive but worth the investment. Since these sanitizers are bulky and impossible to bring in your clutch, I had a discovery of portable led sanitizers which looks like a flip Motorola phone. It is great for sanitizing papers, money, coins, etc. before and after touching it. There are also portable id-type purifiers which you will wear on your neck like a hanging box recorder or gopro with blinking lights indicating that it is purifying the air within a certain radius.

Bonus: Hair Tie

Bonus tip to bring is a hair tie especially for girls with long hair. Tying our hair up when we go out in public is highly recommended since it will minimize the times that we touch our face knowing that the fastest way the virus could penetrate in us is through our face. Always keep a spare either on your wrist or purse and before redoing your ponytail, make sure to do it in a right place and especially sanitize your hands first if you’ve touched things in public beforehand. You might have picked up some bacteria or virus and spread it through redoing your hair. Also, tying our hair when we commute could also be a great help knowing that even before, when we still didn’t wear face mask and shield, it’s always been a hassle when the air brushes through our hair. What more with these new apparatus? It couldn’t be that harder.

Bringing these things could help in flattening the curve but i don’t tell that this could totally stop the spread of the virus. It could at least help a little in minimizing the outbreak.

Even with these essentials, nothing could guarantee our safety but only God could protect us from the virus. It is still in His will whether we get infected or not but at least by bringing these things could help us and the community uninfected. Lastly, the most important thing to bring aside from all these things mentioned is prayer. We must not forget to pray for God’s guidance and protection before we go out because this is the very first thing in the list to bring aside from alcohol.

Did you think these are the essentials to bring during a pandemic? Did i miss something? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment box below.

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