How to Protect Your Peace in this Pandemic

In these times of crisis, anxiety is one of our enemy. In fact, there’s been an alarming increasing number, not just for the covid positive cases, but for mental health calls since the day we were forced to stay at home. We could never remove the fact that this situation we are in right now totally triggers a panic or anxiety attack. So here are some points to help you ease out and protect your peace.

1. Social Media detox

This has been proven not just for myself but for majority of those I know who had started doing this that having a social media detox atleast once or twice a week is effective in easing your anxieties. Social media detox is basically your digital diet. Make sure to set a schedule once or twice a week, may it be whole or half day or for a few hours, that you don’t use any social media platforms and focus on things that surrounds you instead. Everyone is now online and everything posted in there could trigger your anxiety.

2. Read books

Setting your phone down for a few hours and get busy by reading books could really help. I find it really relaxing and just being indulged to a whole new world of fiction and shut out all the problems of reality for the meantime. I suggest you to read magical/fictional books instead of those love story/drama genre because they really give off a different level of vibe. Plus your imaginary skills and senses are activated when you read an interesting book. You’ll get so incorporated to the stories that you won’t even know that you’ve flipped a lot of pages already or spent the whole day just reading.

3. Watch movies

If you don’t like books, then a great alternative is watching movies instead. You could use Netflix or any other streaming sites to stream your favorite shows. I suggest you to watch detective/mystery series instead of drama/thriller series because that could get you hooked and would be wanting to finish the series in just one sitting. I don’t really suggest drama and thriller because it can’t protect your peace. It would even ruin it because of the intensities of the drama that could affect you and your mental health.

4. Write your thoughts

Whenever you have something bothering in your mind, I really suggest to pour it out in writing rather than ranting it out on your social medias. Always try not to ask sympathy from others, instead deal it privately and in your own. An anxiety notebook is really handy in these times. It could contain your daily thoughts for the day, rants, or just random thoughts or ideas that’s bothering you. If you have a blog, you could also write your thoughts as long as it could be relatable to others or have any significance. Any notebook will do and I promise you, once you look back and read your old anxiety notebooks, you’ll be reminded of how strong you’ve become.

5. Don’t listen too much

They say that being a good speaker is being a good listener but there are things that we should keep our ears out because it can’t be good to our mental health. It is good to listen but there’s a limit to it. We should never listen to people who wants to ruin us, who backstabs behind our success, who has other agenda, and never appreciates us. Listening to these kind of people is like giving them permission to ruin you. So if you met this person and have a chance, immediately cut them off your life because they will never be beneficial to you.

6. Cut off people

Speaking of cutting off, we should be more aware of people that could ruin us and our peace. No man is an island is a very cliche saying but sometimes being alone is better than having a lot of people around. If they do nothing to help you improve or become a better version of yourself, remove them asap. You don’t need them. The lesser the bull. The lesser the drama.

7. Spoil yourself

For ladies, it’s common that spoiling ourselves or wanting things that we can’t get are one of the sources of our anxiety but love yourself. Buy things that you really wanted. Always have time for yourself. Take care of yourself. Always note the things that you need. Don’t forget to spend a few hours every day just for yourself. Go to the salon. Treat your skin. Eat the foods you crave. You deserve it. Don’t let everyone ruin your “me time. “

8. Pay your debts and bills

It’s really proven that to channel inner peace is to setlle all overdue balances in our adulting lives. I could prove it too. One of the common reasons why we get stressed is because of all the unlimited bills we receive every month. We have to cope up to pay up. I had been in a situation where I got frustrated because of this reality. So if ever you have debts, always pay it first and don’t ever hold or postpone your payments until they pile up and you can’t pay it anymore.

9. Mind your own

Being mindful of others is okay but interfering with them is not. Sometimes, it’s just better to mind your own biz and not give a thought about everybody. Let them be what they want to be or as to what they are fighting for. It’s their life and we don’t need to be a part of it. If you practice doing this, then this could really guarantee your peace.

10. Meditate and relax

Sparing a little time every day just to get into yourself is a great practice to establish inner peace. Just starting your day with deep breaths and relaxing your body could be a great boost for you to be motivated enough to finish the day and not overthink every single piece. Practicing deep breaths could be really helpful in times of panic and anxiety attacks.

11. Stop Overthinking

Ladies, yes, we are really good in this one. We tend to overthink every single thing and it sucks! As hard as it sounds, we must end this “hobby” because this ruins our peace. I don’t want to sound hypocrite but yes, I’m also having a hard time to end this hobby.

12. Live lowkey

Having a small group of friends and family that knows your activities and life affairs could also be of help. We are not being selfish but we must practice privacy. Not all achievements are to be announced and not all failures should need sympathy. The lesser the people that get involved in your life, the better.

13. Exercise

Ain’t a medical practicioner but doctors say that being active and healthy has scientific effects on managing stress and anxiety. We have body chemicals that goes up and down the slope but if we get moving, we get to manage that, decrease tension, and we could atleast achieve peace. They suggest for an aerobic exercise that has anti-anxiety effects.

14. Sleep it off

Simple as it seems but it isn’t. Who could even sleep knowing that your mind is clouded by unwanted thoughts and drama? Nobody right? Unless you’re a deep sleeper. Sometimes, anxiety could cause insmonia and this ruins our peace times 2 but we need to sleep to stimulate peace. Just a tip: when you’re having a hard time to sleep, eat a banana before you go to bed and forget your anxieties in your sleep.

15. Be tidy and minimal

Being clean and organized could also channel peace. Keeping your home squeeky clean and spacious is the best. They say everything starts at your home. So if you start being tidy and organized, maybe that could be the answer to end your anxieties. It’s also a great move to dispose items that is really not essential in your life anymore. It feels really satisfying and relaxing to declutter and get rid of unnecessary items in your life and I challenge you to try it.

Bonus: Play Designing Games

Aside from being entertained, I discovered that playing designing games, may it be fashion or house designing, was really relaxing. It unleashes your creativity at the same time entertains you. I suggest this kind of game because it does not pressure you but gives you a lot of time to think and just show your creative self. I really don’t suggest progressive games with missions, or tycoon games because it’s an anxiety trigger.

There are still a lot of ways on how to deal with our anxieties that ruin our peace. Some could just sleep it off and be gone the next day but majority of us can’t. Anxiety keeps us awake in the middle of the night and no comfort could it bring to us.

As I’ve been practicing majority of these in my lifestyle, I noticed a significant change on the occurrence of my anxiety attacks. Before I started these “methods,” I usually have nightly attacks. Either I lose my appetite or I end up stress eating because I lack peace in me. Now, I seldom have one.

I really don’t insist for you to do this. I don’t declare this is an official method to help you with your mental illness. I just find these effective and might want to share for people that experience the same.

If you have worse mental conditions, please call your psychiatrist and they will be giving you the right medical way of dealing it.

2 responses to “How to Protect Your Peace in this Pandemic”

  1. Yes for analog journaling. I totally enjoy it. Reading my thoughts months ago entertains me. I thanked myself for doing this. Thanks for sharing. I might try the designing games.

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  2. Ang number 1 dito yung nakakabayad ng bills. Since hindi makalabas, syempre walang gastos. 😀

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