Things to be Grateful For (even in this COVID pandemic)

Amidst the pandemic situation we are in right now, there are still lot of things to be grateful for. Even if we are stuck at home and we lost a lot already in many aspects, we should see these as a blessing in disguise. This situation we call hassle made me realize a lot of things. I’m currently having a hard time coping up with my writer’s block but I just want to share this with you just in case you forgot to be grateful today.

1. Life

Knowing that everyday, a lot of people are dying, be grateful that you are still able to wake up every morning. Life might be terrible but find a way to make it worth living even if we’re all staying at home right now. It’s hard but you have God, your family, friends, loved ones, and pets even if you don’t feel their love or concern.

2. Shelter

A lot of people are homeless or can’t afford to get their own home or rent a place. Some may not realize this but having a home to keep you safe during the virus outbreak is a blessing already. So if it rains and you’re dry and cozy, be thankful because some are freezing and soaked because they have no roof to cover their heads with.

3. Food

Millions around the world are starving, numerous of them don’t eat 3 times a day. Hunger is prevalent specially during this time since a lot from the less fortunate and low sector lost their jobs. They have been enduring their boiling stomach and have to eat mud or leftovers from people’s food. Be thankful even if the food served on your home table is not as bountiful or enticing just like what you see on social media. Be thankful even if the government just gives relief foods good enough to surpass today’s hunger.

4. Clothing

This may not be stretched as it should be but having something to wear is something you need to be thankful too because not all can afford decent and comforable clothing. May it be branded, new or secondhand, the point is we have to be thankful.

5. Work

A lot of people might have whined about their job, bosses or demand of workload not knowing that it was and will always be a blessing for having a decent job even if it pays low or average. During this time, we realized the importance of having a job and being incorporated in a company. It could be demanding so much of our time and the main reason of stress but we need our jobs to feed ourselves and our family. Even if the job you have right now is against your passion, just be thankful that you have one because a lot of people lost their jobs because of this pandemic. Be thankful even if your company adapts the ‘no work, no pay’ policy. Atleast, they still kept you in their company.

6. Family

Guilty as I am, I admit that I hated my family due to its toxic culture. Coming from a broken family is not easy and that’s enough reason to take them for granted. But look at us right now, we’re stuck at home with our family. If you are with your family during this pandemic, be grateful because a lot of people do not have one. They might not be a perfect family for you but no matter what happens, they will always be with you even at the hardest times.

7. Friends

As old folks say, no man is an island and yes we can live alone but we can’t live lonely. Friends will always be a treasure, a blessing that you need to cherish. Our friends became our relievers during this pandemic. We might have social media to ease stress but they can also be an outlet for all the stress, thoughts, and feelings we have. So be thankful to them even if you only have a few.

8. Hard Times

Life is not just about the sun, glitters and sparkles. It won’t be called life if we don’t experience hard times. We should be tested for our patience, faith, self-control, obedience, etc. Humans as we are, when we encounter hardships, we automatically think on how to resolve it and we seldom realize that it was a blessing to be grateful for. This pandemic is a hard time to all of us around the world. We have lost a lot of lives, we are starving, we lost jobs, we are experiencing a great decline in our economy, we lost income and the list goes on. But always be grateful for the hard times because they teach us the best lesson in life.

9. Air

This virus targets our lungs and respiratory system and we always take for granted the air we breathe. We seldom thank God for the free, fresh air we have. We’re not too late to thank God today. Let us be grateful that we don’t have to pay for the air we breathe and we don’t have to use tanks for us to breathe air.

10. God

A lot of us only remember God when we face trials and most of the time, we neglect Him. Sometimes, God uses a situation or force for us to remember His goodness. We seldom thank Him and now is our time to reflect and be grateful for all of the little things He gave us.

I really find this Pandemic a hassle but also a blessing in disguise because this opened an opportunity for us to just rest, relax, and be in peace. I realized that being stuck at home is also a blessing since it allows us to reflect with our lives, cope up with our lost passions, focus on things we really wanted to do before but we can’t because we don’t have time.

Maybe this pandemic really brought us to a new way of living, an eye opener, and awaking us to our deep sleep. Maybe we just couldn’t see it yet but this switched up our lifestyle. We are now more cautious, we are now aware of ourselves and others, we become cooperative citizens, we saw the power of our government, we realized who gave a hand during these times, we witnessed the good and bad in people, we saw what could be improved in our system and country.

How about you? Have you thought of it already?

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