Are we Italians?

I have not posted for quite a while because of a big change in my life. Now that majority of us are being home quarantined, i reopened this and an idea popped again.

We, all, know the situation of the world right now: The fast-spreading pandemic that has killed thousands already. I am from the Philippines and the numbers are growing outrageously.

This virus came from Wuhan, China but Italy was badly affected and surpassed the numbers infected in China, even the death toll was higher than every country affected of the pandemic.

As of today, March 23, Philippines has recorded almost 500 cases. It’s expected that tomorrow, these number will be hit or surpassed.

Italy has one of the best health care system in the world but they failed protecting their people because the people themselves were not cooperative enough to take all the precautionary measures needed to control the pandemic.

Let us not take this pandemic a joke. If we are required to stay at home, please stay at home. Not all people are applicable to this but please, if you don’t have any necessary reasons to go out, please let’s just follow because they are doing these to protect all of us.

I’ve been out last weekend to do groceries and i noticed people are still hesitant to follow social distancing and even wear masks. They still go out of their homes like it’s just an ordinary day.

We should be alarmed and act like we have the current situation in Italy while the numbers are still not that much like Italy’s.

Please follow all the rules to protect yourself and everyone around you. We are well aware of precautionary methods. Please let’s not be like Italians who treated this pandemic as a serious thing when things were worse already.

Let’s act while we still can. Let’s stay in our homes if we can. Wash your hands always and don’t touch your face, nose, eyes.

We are all in this, i hope the government will not fail us and the citizens won’t fail the government. This pandemic will end soon. Let’s claim it.

P. S. Sorry if this does not make sense or i had a hard time to express my emotions, it’s been a while since i last wrote a blog entry. 😅

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