My First Job

Now I really feel the adulting here because, if you’ve been into my blog, I said few months ago, I think, that I got a pretty decent job. BUT never did I know that working would be this hard. I mean working while studying is really this hard! One thing that really makes it hard is that I am awake in the evening and also in the morning so when do I sleep? Well, that’s still a mystery.

Somewhere in October 2018, I was desperate to have a job because of the circumstances I mentioned before. I never expected to be hired for a telecommunications company because I had a hard history with it. Did I mention this yet that 2 years ago, I applied to 3 different call center companies and neither one of them considered me to be part of their company? And guess what, it was my first time applying for a job so that was really a nerve-wracking experience for me that I even developed a trauma out of it.

I got a friend who also had almost the same situation I have, I mean she’s also desperate for a job, so she encouraged me to go with her and apply for a call center company which is just blocks away from my school. She was a classmate, by the way, and we have the same school schedule so we’re both dying as a student and a call center agent. 

Going back to the day I applied, I don’t remember the exact date but I’m pretty sure it’s at the middle of October and the 1st semester was about to end and that day, I came unprepared, not knowing what to say during the interview. Up to now, I really don’t know how I did it, how I answered all those questions and survived 3 rounds of nerve-wracking interviews. I was so happy knowing that I passed the screening interview which was I think the longest interview I ever had, asking questions about myself and testing my ability to comprehend my knowledge and ideas. At the 2nd round, I was again questioned but now, on how I handle criticisms and anything work-related and at the 3rd round, I was questioned of how valuable am I for them to consider. It was an achievement unlocked for me to be able to pass 3 rounds of interview even knowing that I’m still not that prepared and qualified enough.

After all those interviews, I was then given a list of requirements to submit, like the basics, SSS, Philhealth, PagIbig, TIN, NBI clearance, etc. I never had one of those so it was really a struggle for me knowing also that I was only given 2 days to process all of it! Nevertheless, I made it on time even I had a hit on my NBI and they were considerate enough to still accept me even if I’m still lacking 1 of all those requirements. It was another achievement unlocked for me last 2018 that I already have all the basic but necessary documents as a Filipino citizen must have. It kind of makes me proud that I got all of it without the help of my mom, I mean, I feel so independent. 

After passing all the requirements, we had our contract signing and I had a 3-month contract with the company. At first, I was disappointed that I was hired for a 3-month contract only but anyways, after that, we were instructed to go back on the 2nd of the November to have our orientation. Back on November 2, 2018, I had my first whole night awake and good thing, the 2nd semester has not yet started. We had 2 weeks of not-so-hardcore training and at our 3rd week taking live calls, I think I’m dying. The funny thing here is that my very first live call was not the call I’m expecting for, she was an irate customer and I had to have a sup call just because I can’t handle her and she also requested for it. But time really passes by so fast, all those memories were still so fresh on me and thank God, we have a considerate and kunsentidor team leader, that we’re able to survive our first day of live calls. 

After 2 weeks of taking live calls, the real challenge begins. Our employment was threatened because of our non-competitive stats and that’s because we lost 5 teammates, some AWOL and some resigned. We were really inconsistent with the attendance and that affected our stats and performance as a team. I know these things sound boring but I have to tell these because it bothers me and I just want my contract to finish and get a pay which could at least pay half of my debts. Now, I thank the company that I only had 3 months with them because I really know myself now that I am nocturnal but I can’t do it on a daily basis.

I had already learned a lot of lessons at my first month of being a working individual, I learned that at work, it’s still about surviving and that whatever I do, I will never be good enough for the team or the company. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m just saying that I learned that there is still competition in the workplace because I thought it only exists at school but I was wrong. 

Because of our inconsistency performance-wise, by December last year, we had an early end-of-contract. It was sad but at the same time exciting because I could finally sleep at night. Also, I was really planning on resigning by the end of December because I was scheduled to go on duty for the whole month of January for my internship outside the school premises.

I was sad with the early end of my first real paying job for the reason that I desperately need money and I ended up just receiving 2 months pay which is not yet enough to pay my fees and debts. I expected that I could at least pay half of my debts at the same time pay my school fees but I never saw this coming. I was sad because I know I won’t be able to work again until February of 2019 because of my school commitments.

But i was also happy that i could finally have the time to take care of myself again and enjoy being an intern student because I noticed that since I was working, I never get to cherish every moment in my senior year and that makes me sad that I missed lots of things while I was just busy worrying of how I will balance school, work and sleep. Also, I was happy that I could sleep again in my bed peacefully at night.

I became vacant and jobless just before Christmas last year until now, January 2019 and I am planning on applying for online jobs this February after I finish my internship. I am honest that I was not bitter with the first ever company who accepted students with no experience even though they had transparency issues. This company I entered was a great platform to start a career and gain experience which I was so thankful about that I became a part of their family.

I had no other words to say but my gratitude towards my first ever real paying job is overflowing. I can’t express my feelings enough about this company. They might not be the best company in the world, they might have lapses within their treatment with some employees but they were good too, they were a company that welcomes you warmly as a family. God knows deep inside my heart that I have no hard feelings with regards to the termination of our contract.

To Iqor Philippines, I was just so thankful because it let me know new people, meet new friends, treasure every moment, be patient with irate customers, love my job no matter how unlovable it is sometimes, develop my rapport not just with customers but with other people, excel in my English proficiency, be competent enough and learn to manage and value my use of time. Some lessons I learned were hard for a lifestyle that I have but I could say that I really learned a lot that I could not even list them one by one.

To team Alpha, we might not be the best team, instead, we’re always the kulelat ones in terms of stats and performance but we know deep inside us that we did our best, we had a great experience and we have a not-so-good and not-perfect trainer and team leader. We had been together since day 1, revalida and first taking of live calls, some made it, some did quit. This might be too late to post but I just want to record my firsts that helps me grow as an individual I should be. We might have parted ways and now working in new, different companies but the camaraderie we had during a month stay at the company was priceless and unforgettable.

A snap after shift. Ahh, this was when the team was still complete.

My first job might be too overwhelming for a person like me with no experience and 0 knowledge about customer service and support, but it opened new opportunities for me and I learned a lot of new things. Sure, this first job gave me the chance to know more of myself, more of what I can do and what I can achieve.

“Thank you for calling. Happy to help. Again, this is Vanessa, your retail sales associate, now signing off.”

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6 responses to “My First Job”

  1. I don’t know if you’ve considered this option (or I missed out on your previous post), but have you tried applying for scholarships?

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    1. I didn’t know about scholarships for college students until i was at 4th year college last sem. I wanted to apply though but i am not qualified now since i’m about to graduate this march.

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      1. I see. Wishing you the best of luck! 🙂

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      2. Thank you! May the odds be ever in our favor. 🙂

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  2. I enjoyed reading this. It inspired me to write about my first work ever too. But its too long time ago haha

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    1. Yay i’m glad that i made yku entertained and inspired about my writings. I would love to read yours too! Hope you make one. 😊


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