Blogmas 2018

December is the most hype month of the year for everybody else I must say. It is the most anticipated month and time of the year. So, as an aspiring “active” writer on WordPress, I decided to blog my everyday life for the month of December. 

I also decided that this Blogmas post will be my new special series in my blog which only happens during Decembers. I want to be honest with you guys that I was having a break in writing due to some reasons (I’ll do a separate blog post for that) but I remembered that I do log my everyday happenings last year in an unknown website and just deleted it after the holidays. I regret it. I could still remember how I was so inspired by my daily logging and that made me get back to my feet and start writing again.

I had the idea to write weekly or do the Blogmas by weeks for the whole month of November but I realized that ate Kat already did it. I didn’t know we were thinking the same thing! Haha! So, to be different and to avoid being judged for copyright, copying, etc., I decided to synthesize all my daily logs into a blog post.

This daily logging was made possible by StoryArt with their Christmas templates. I’ve been doing this daily logging last year with my InstaMini App but I stopped because it was kind of expensive to pay for the whole subscription. And just to defend myself, I was also not aware that ate Kat was making daily logs via Unfold until I read her Blogmas week 2 yesterday. I swear, I’m really doubting myself now if we have this telepathy stuff because we really have the same ideas! 😂🤣

Okay, whoo! That was a long intro haha. Expect this to be a lengthy post. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

It was the first day of December and I could already hear all those famous Christmas songs! It was my off at work so I had the time to bond with my loved one.

Just a typical Sunday midnight at work. Took this shot while I was getting my hoodie out of my locker. It was Sunday and 70% of the employees were out. What a lonely day to start the week.

This week was not that hectic but only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, where I have to adjust my sleeping time because I have classes by 3 pm to 5 pm and my shift at work starts at 10 pm and ends either 7 or 8 am–depending on the amount of queue.

I was sick and i have to take meds but yeah, this pizza is the best motivator.

So this is what I eat first thing in the morning after my shift. My favourite cheese bun from 711 and a box of cloud 9 chocolate milk drink.

So much anticipation because it’s payday but no shopping yet. I need to save up. I only got 500 and I need to live with that for a week. Yes, call me kuripot haha!

I had a friend at work that gave me these ebooks. I was eyeing these ebooks for over a year already and I don’t have enough money to buy all or just one. These books are hella expensive but thank God for that friend! (Special shoutout to Loren, I know you’re an avid reader of my blog hahaha)

I already mentioned that I’m a graduating student right? And before I graduate, I need to complete certain hours as an On The Job Trainee/Intern. And yes, I’ll be doing my in-house OJT on December 10 to 14 with a regular 8 to 5 sched while still working on a graveyard shift. Will I make it alive? Keep on reading for you to know. Haha.

Still chilling since it’s Sunday and the real struggle is yet to begin in 3.. 2… 1…

I was awake from Sunday morning until Tuesday night and I didn’t carry on. I have to skip work and sleep. I was having this dizzy and blurry visions maybe because I was awake for over 24 hours now!

I was able to sleep at least 8 hours but still not enough. I had no choice but to attend this orientation that requires us to bring our parents. I was sleepy the whole day and have to go to work again by 10 pm.

Yes I’m still awake from Tuesday morning up to that moment but i still managed to pose for a groufie. Btw, I sacrificed at least 2 hours of sleep just to have dinner with these amazing people at Keepsakes. Sml.

I finally gave up. I went home after my shift. I really need to sleep. I was again awake for over 24 hours and this time, I was absent in my OJT. Balancing school with an 8 to 5 and work with a 10 to 7 is really hard. I could even remember sleeping while I was handling a call. Lol.
I was already thinking of resigning. But hey, good thing they still credited the hours even if I was absent. Thank you Doc. Melchor! Hihi.

Finally!!! It was my last day as an in-house OJT intern of the COME (BSMT) department at school but still, I can’t sleep because I have to fulfil my last duty at work.

Yes, I finally had the sleep I’ve been longing for and I could finally rest. I was removed from work. Our contract ended earlier than we expected. I was even double-thinking if I should quit work or not due to my sched but God helped me and didn’t prolong my agony. He had it answered for me! It was sad that I lost the job but I’m much happier that I could finally sleep at my bed every night again.

Ahhhh~ this is the rest i need. I was just on my bed the whole day playing Mobile Legends. I deserve this. I think?

I’m back being a full-time student again and i missed this! I was elected to be part of the magazine editorial board and i accepted it.

Finally completed all the sleep i lost hahaha I was officially pinned! Almost close to graduation! *fingers crossed*

I went to my previous company to finish my clearance and i had nothing to do for the day so i tagged along with my brother who happened to be at a cafe. So here am I, chilling, drinking my hazelnut frappe, watching the rain, doing unnecessary stuff at my pc and just waiting for my last payday. Lol.

I thought I could stay at our house for the whole day but still can’t. As a feature writer for our magazine, together with my co-writer, we attended the school’s Institutional Christmas party to record the events. It was fun and we get to eat their food too! 😃

So early in the morning, we got a call from my cousin. He passed by Davao City and he invited us to a lunch gathering. That lunch gathering was extended up to 12 midnight! Lmao. We went to so many places and ate so many foods! Also, he got me this Shakey’s Supercard. You know, filling all those card slots in my wallet was one of my goals this 2019.

I could not remember the last time we ate steak but I’m pretty sure it’s ages ago. Well, we’re planning to eat one this day at our all-time fave steakhouse in Davao City, K Steak Unlimited. It’s expensive though but everything is worth its price. We didn’t eat steak that Saturday. Maybe next Sat.

This too, I could not remember the last time i went to church. So now that i have the time and enough sleep, i tagged along with my mom to church.

I was sick again and I slept through Noche Buena. Lol, I woke up past 12 midnight already and just ate what’s left on the table. I did not say that was cheese. Hahaha

Merry Christmas! After that dark, sad, cold, lonely Noche Buena, a friend invited me to come over to their house. We ate their foods and watched the now-hype Bird Box.

Didn’t know that being at a vet clinic would be this expensive! But anyways, at least my cat was cured and he finally had a bath after a year! Merry Christmas mingming!

Finally I had the rest that I need. I finally got to stay at our house for the whole day. It was a rainy day but thank God for cuddly cats.

Okay, so I had another whole day of rest at our house. I was hooked into Tumblr HTML coding again and came up with this minimalist theme in which i was so in love with. I was so obsessed i swear, i cannot stop looking at it!

It’s the last Saturday of the year and to make it more memorable, I finally decided to withdraw my pay and treat my boyfriend with the long-awaited steak that we’ve been eyeing for months already. Plus, my boyfriend gave me this ang pao so I really had the chance to go mall-hopping and shop all the things I really need with him. We know boys, they get so tired easily so I manipulated him with toys, food, candy and everything he wanted just to let mo do the shopping spree I ever dreamed of. All expenses were paid by me so yeah, this worked. Hahahaha!

My day started with an apple after that heavy dinner I had yesterday. It was Sunday and it was part 2 of my shopping spree since I didn’t finish it yesterday. Again, all expenses were paid by me. Another manipulation for my boy haha! The first few hours were fine, I was able to purchase some things, had dinner with him and exchanged this 2000 yen bills for Philippine peso. I was kind of disappointed this day because I didn’t have the thrive and focus to shop because I had diarrhea during the shopping spree. That diarrhea sucked all my energy out and ended up with only 2 shirts in my hand. Also, I didn’t forget to take my last selfie for the year.

I woke up by lunch and still feeling sleepy. I was so unproductive today but I remembered that I needed to post here so here I am writing in rush. I piled up everything that I shopped for 2 days and I was surprised. I didn’t expect that I bought all of this just with my own money. Also, I found this wine somewhere in the house and yeah, I think I’ll have to drink this. Lol. 

And yeah, we finally reached the end of this year’s blogmas! I know it’s kind of late since Christmas is already over but whatever, there’s still New Year. Haha! I hope you, all, had a great Christmas and have a happy New Year! ‘Til next year’s blogmas!

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