15 Things I Want for 2019

I was so caught up in life and my new busy schedule at work and I realized now that I have the time again, that I never had a wishlist for Christmas so here I am, having the Christmas hangover, putting up all the things I want.

I just want to make it simple and i really thought about this wishlist a lot. I asked myself many times, “What do I really want?”  Is it fame? Fortune? Temporary worldly stuff? 

I know Christmas is already over and Santa is not accepting any wishlist anymore and also, New Year’s Resolution is so overrated so whatever, here are the things that I want for the upcoming year.

1. Happiness

Through the past years, I still never felt the genuine happiness that I’ve been looking for even though I’m surrounded by the people who love me and I love the most. I hope that this coming year, my graduation and soon to be job will finally bring me the happiness that I’ve been attaining for so long. 

2. Good Health

I thank God that for 2018 I was safe, I was never severely sick. I am also grateful that my loved ones were also not involved in any serious illness and I wish that for 2019, none of us, my loved ones, would be severely sick. I pray to God that he will continue to sustain us, guide us and protect us from all kinds of harm in 2019.

3. Stable Job

Since I said already plentiful times here on my blog that I’ll be graduating soon, I am now baffled by the job that awaits me. I swear I really don’t have any idea yet where to go after school. Seriously, I’m still lost in my path right now–still unsure of the future. I just hope that for 2019, I’ll be having the job that I really want with a good pay of course and be able to grow there as an adulting individual. I hope that whatever that job is, I’ll still be able to glorify God and be able to express my passion. 

4. Permanent Home

Haven’t I mentioned already that ever since I was a child,  we never had our own house and lot? So now that I’m so near to adulting, or maybe I already started now, I think now is the year that we get to have our permanent home. It’s so tiring and hella expensive to rent a house and that is one of the biggest burdens to the family expenses, especially that my mom is a single mom and me and my sister were still both in college. 

5. Travel

I remembered 2 years ago, I questioned myself, being the killjoy me, of what do people get when they travel, I mean, I just see travel as another way to waste money. But now that I tried to be in the corporate world in which your job feels like a never-ending routine, I appreciated travel. I never rode an airplane and got to travel outside the Philippines and that’s one in my wishlist when I graduate. I mean, I also worked hard for me to reach this point, I deserve to at least travel somewhere far wherein the smog of the city is not felt right?

6. Happy Adulting

At 3rd year college, i already felt the pressure of being the toxic family trait we have, that you as a child should help your family after graduating. I have heard, read and listened to various stories of those aspiring young adults on how they struggle either fitting in or fulfilling their task. I just wish that I could fulfil my task after graduating and be able to help my mom and be the “insurance plan” my family always thought about. I don’t want to fail them and my mom deserves everything after all the sacrifices and troubles she went through just for me to reach on top. 

7. Wisdom

As I said, I’m still looking for my track, the right track, and I need wisdom for that. I wish that for 2019, God would give me the wisdom to make big or small life decisions because I swear, I’m so bad at deciding. Adulting means making a lot of decisions and I’m not good at that so I pray for God to always guide whenever I have to make one. 

8. Peace

Chaos is rampant in the world, school, office, home, etc., and in 2019, I hope I could completely find peace by giving more time to myself. I’m starting that thing months ago and i could say that it made my life peaceful. For me, secluding yourself to the world for a while is not a bad thing. I mean shutting everything out means you get to have the “me time” that you never thought you need. I don’t know if I make sense here but that’s just how being a loner every once in a while brought peace in my life.

9. No More Betrayals

Through the years, I experienced a lot of betrayals and I don’t want that in my life anymore. It’s sad and painful, losing someone you treated as a friend, family or more. In 2019, I wish that there would be no more betrayals in my life. I just want a peaceful life, guys. I don’t want to have new members in my enemy list. Lol.

10. More Love

As a 4th year–soon to be an adulting individual–student, I know pressures and unexpected irate moments would be existent, all those annoyed and angry faces would not be avoided. I just hope and wish for 2019 to be full of more love than what we had in 2018. Again, we have a chaotic world and I think love could help at least lessen any tension a bit. 

11. Healthy Lifestyle

Sometimes, I would mark myself as one of the toxic people because I also have this toxic trait of hating people just for a little issue. I criticize a lot. I know, I’m not living healthy mentally, physically and emotionally and I want none of that in 2019. I want to just let people be, brush off all the criticisms I had for them. I want to start eating only the things that my body needs and that’s really a challenge for me. Lastly, I want to live peacefully, start being minimalistic just to lessen the anxiety attacks I had whenever I did not finish or accomplish something. 

12. Functional Car

We live far from the center of the City and it takes us 2 hours or more, depending on the traffic, to arrive when we commute. That travelling time takes up almost 60% of my time for a day and that’s just super annoying! For sure, I’ll be working at the central since that’s where most of the high-paying companies are located and that means more travelling time to spare just for me not to be late. I hope in 2019 that I could at least purchase the cheapest car. 

13. Clear Skin

All the dust, pressures, and hormonal changes reflect on our skin and being me as conscious as ever, I want to have the clear skin we all dreamed for. In 2019, even if I’m bombarded by tasks at work or the pressures in life, I want to maintain the youthful skin and glow that I am trying to achieve for years now.

14. Better World

 There have been so many threats received in our world, may it be the extinction of humanity, war or climate change. So I wish that for 2019, we would all be more responsible within our actions and words, especially with our trashes, for us to have a better world. I hope people would take care mother nature, since she really has a scorching hot fever, as much as they have taken care of their belongings. 

15. Enough guts

For me, happiness and success are always accompanied by pain and failures. As I said, I want to find genuine happiness and another kind of success for 2019 and I just hope that I’ll have the right amount of guts to face another level of pain and failures in the next year.

Is my wish list a bit overwhelming? Yah, I know, I’m too much of an “assumer” but nevertheless, I just want 15 of these things to happen in 2019.

How ’bout you? Do you have any wish list for the upcoming year? Mind sharing that on the comment box?

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