Review: Bird Box

Bird Box is an original thriller film of Netflix directed by Susanne Bier and was brought up to life by Sandra Bullock and other remarkable cast. If you could remember, A Quiet Place was also an astonishing movie in which you die if you make a single sound. Bird Box is somehow the opposite of it, you die if you see it.

I saw the trailer of this movie on Facebook before the movie became a hype and I never finished watching it but suddenly, this was appreciated by lots of people and posted a lot of good feedback about the story. So, I got intrigued and joined the bandwagon.

The plot of this story started at the present (5 years after the event) and then continues to the flashbacks of when the event started and then comes back at the present. This story has the style of foreshadowing to be exact. It all started when massive suicides were dominating the world which was caused by a mysterious entity. No one could explain what is it but if you see it, you’ll die since this entity will be in the form of your worst fears or sadness.

Sandra as Malorie in the movie was in a house with the original survivors and others who knocked their way to the house with all the windows closed, painted black, or pasted newspapers. They were plenty in the house. First few days were fine until they need to get food blocks away from the house. It was a challenge for them because remember, you’re not supposed to see when you’re outside the house. That’s when Malorie’s fight for survival began until it’s just Tom, Malorie and the children were left.

They survived though, they lived their life just inside the house until one day, a disaster happened. This was not explained in the movie and this will leave you hanging.

The plot continues from the origin of when it began until the climax in which Sandra and her two children will need to survive over 48 hours of travelling by the river with their blindfolds on to reach the “safe place.” The 3 of them encountered lots of troubles during the trip which really makes it thrilling. This will make you scream and jump out of your seat. The ending of the movie was unexpected but for me was kind of hilarious. We guessed about the ending and we’re right.

I don’t wanna be a big spoiler here and provide you with all the details. For those who haven’t watch the movie yet, I encourage you to watch this movie since this movie is filled with rollercoaster-like emotions. Okay, but before you close this tab, based on my personal preference only, you might want to know what are my thoughts and rating about the movie.

  1. Story Line ★★★☆☆
    It was good but I just gave it a 3 out 5 because, for me, the sequence of the movie was kind of confusing, especially to younger ones who might be watching this. Also, the plot was a bit predictable and lacks that edge which makes it different to other thriller movies especially to AQP.

  2. Characters’ Acting ★★★★☆
    Sandra Bullock as Malorie, Trevante Rhodes as Tom, Julian Edwards as Boy and Vivien Lyra Blair as Girl–these were the actors and actresses that made an impact to me. For me, they were the main characters of the movie and had an outstanding performance all throughout especially to Vivien.

  3. Props/Effects ★★★☆☆
    I’m not an expert here but I think I didn’t see anything CGI-like characters such as Ironman or Aquaman that needs a lot of effort and edit. So I gave it a 3 because the mysterious force that drives people crazy was just in a form of wind that runs through fallen leaves. It wasn’t seen in the whole movie but someone infected in the movie drew it, appreciated and described it as beautiful.

  4. Cinematography ★★★★★
    I’m a fan of indie or grunge aesthetics and I think this movie has it. I gave it a perfect 5 since the whole cinematography of the movie gives you the “deserted” feels with all the fogs and low light/contrast exposures.

  5. Music ★☆☆☆☆
    There are movies that leave you this last song syndrome upon leaving the cinema but this movie doesn’t have that. Obviously, it’s a thriller movie and it rarely happens that a piece of music or playlist used in a thriller movie gives you LSS.

Overall Rating ★★★☆☆

I don’t want this movie to be a bummer just because of the rating I gave. I could say that this was a great movie but I don’t wanna lie that I’ve seen lots of gaps in this movie.

1. It was never explained in the movie why, when, where, how the mysterious entity originated from.

2. There were some characters who didn’t die upon opening their eyes outside. Some say they were infected that’s why there was an exception. But I need a clear explanation why.

3. I’m so done with all this analyzation thing at school and obviously, I’m not a fan of movies that needs deeper analyses. I’m not sure if my understanding of the bird box was correct–that the birds Malorie got at the grocery only acts strange if it senses the mysterious entity which helps or guides them throughout their journey to survival.

4. As I said earlier, it was predictable. I don’t wanna compare but AQP got the edge while BB was just like a sequel.

5. I don’t know if there were any lessons learned in the movie aside from never losing hope. Some say it was a symbolic movie for those with mental illness but I got tired of analyzing.

I’ll give you the crown to decide if I’m wrong with my thoughts and opinions about the movie. Decide if it does symbolize mental illness or just a movie with the lesson of learning to hope. Please do not get discouraged just because of my thoughts. Again, we have different tastes.

So, I guess this is the wrap for my first ever movie review! I hoped this helped a bit and guys, if you have any suggestions or violent reactions about this review, please comment down below so that I could improve and create better content for my next movie review.

Hope you enjoy the movie if you are yet to watch!

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