My First Road Trip to Rural Areas

Knowing that I’m a city girl who grew up in an environment of clouds of dust, buildings, establishments, pollution and such, I never get to experience seeing miles of trees and green pastures until last July 2, 2018, when me and my boyfriend had an “errand” which is located at Padada, Davao del Sur. Thank God it was Monday and I had no class. Such a blessing in disguise. I know that it’s kinda late but who cares?

He had an appointment in a certain establishment which is located in a very secluded area. I swear, it took us forever to arrive there. We even had our ears popped and my body felt sick and bad convinced that we really were on top of a mountain already.

We agreed the day before that I would tag along on his trip. Of course, I also asked permission from my mom which luckily agreed that I could go. (Short tip: if you want your parents to agree whenever you would ask their permission, bring your boyfriend/girlfriend or best friend with you. This works. I swear. Hahaha) I was so excited that night that I can’t sleep, worrying that I’ll oversleep or not hear the alarm. I literally just had 3 hours of sleep and woke up by 3:30am. Yes, I was goddamn early but I did not sleep anymore, I took a bath, got dressed and waited for him to fetch me up. Well, he got up by 4 and we left by 5 in the morning. We reached south of Davao by 5:30 I think and we just had a quick breakfast in the car.

Here is a first, quick snap of the city by 5am.


By 5:30, we’re already heading south. Green views could already be seen. A good sign that we’re almost out of the city.


I just knew we’re out of Davao when the views were now unfamiliar to me and it gets greener and greener the farther my boyf drives. No more traffic, jeepneys, buildings, and people. I am really not familiar with the locations but we passed by a road with trees on each side, a coastal road, an endless scenery of banana and coconut trees which really left my jaw hanging.

Here are some other shots that I took in no particular order. Some are taken from my Instagram stories and i tried screenshotting parts of the videos i took. So sorry for the quality.


I squealed many times that we’re about to climb a mountain because all the trees in the foot of the mountain were like so near, so crystal clear, that I could grasp it in my hands. And I was not wrong, we arrived at the place by 7am and realized that we are on a mountain.

We left there by noon and traveled back to Davao. We had to stop by at a certain famous restaurant and pasalubong center in Digos to eat our lunch and buy some bibingkas knowing the fact that Digos is famous for their tasty bibingkas. (I won’t go into details on this one, I don’t want my post to look like I’m advertising or what)

Another quick snap of the downtown of Digos.


Of course, I did not forget to snap us a pic traveling together. The bad thing here is he was too busy to drive to look atleast 2 seconds on the camera. :—(

Anyways, I had less pictures during the trip because I am in a fast-moving vehicle plus I am also too busy enjoying the scene and just decided to record everything instead of just snapping pictures.

Take note that I really requested my boyf to drive slowly or stop the car just for me to take descent pictures.  But I really failed. I gave up and just record everything which is I could not post here. I decided to just keep the videos to ourselves because one, it’s hilarious, two, the length of the video is too long and three, my plan is not allowed to post long videos.

I’m like so hyped that morning until the afternoon that I couldn’t stop singing songs and squeal like a child in awe to good sceneries that I’ve never seen before. Good thing my boyfriend likes me being annoying too so that our trip wouldn’t be that boring. Haha. By 2:30pm I guess, we’re back at Davao.

Yup, I know that you’ve seen a kid in me and I’m acting like an ignorant but it’s just that everything was a first time. I thought that I should at least share it. It’s my first time to land travel to rural areas, 1st time to see those views which I will never forget, 1st time to travel without my parents and 1st time to travel with my boyfriend. It was his 1st time too which made me think that this trip was really worth it and memorable.

What I really just learned on this trip is that as a human being with stressful routines every day, sometimes, we just need to take a break. Aside of always thinking of expenses, due dates, bills, school related stuff, etc., might as well consider traveling to a peaceful place and get away from the toxicity of the city once in a while. Traveling is fun whether you’re alone or not. So why not book yourself a trip now and treat yourself?

4 responses to “My First Road Trip to Rural Areas”

  1. Baka pwede mo na lang i crop yung video sayang naman. Ang ganda ng clouds sa pinuntahan. So fluffy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. di kasi ako marunong mag edit ng videos aotm. Atchaka di raw allowed sa plan ko na magpost ng vid :-(( anyways, atleast i tried screenshotting the views, sana maka visit ka sa place ang ganda lang kasi talaga 🙂


      1. Oo nga e kaso mindanao ..haha layo talaga

        Liked by 1 person

      2. pero worth it ang layo pag naka punta ka hihi


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