My Hyperhidrosis Story

Hello, again guys! I’ve been thinking that I really haven’t opened up that much here in my blog. Now is the time that I’ll be having a tiny pep talk of my underarm story which is one of the things I’m so insecure about. Admitting and sharing to the world of the things that you don’t embrace in your body is just the worst feeling ever but I’ve made out my mind that I don’t want to be alone anymore in this flaw that I have.

Have you ever worn clothes that have thin, light-colored fabrics? Have you ever really enjoyed wearing cotton shirts and silk tops? Have you ever worn chiffon tops and tight-sleeved shirts? Do you enjoy wearing gray clothes? Do you wear sleeveless shirts and tank tops? Do you wear white uniforms and have the confidence to raise your arms? Have you worn comfy shoes without wearing socks? Do you enjoy wearing flats and open sandals without the fear of specks of dust that might stick on the soles of your feet? If yes, well, consider yourself lucky because, some people including me, cannot wear these things and slay it.

I am not saying we cannot wear such clothes, I’m saying that we cannot just wear it confidently. Having hyperhidrosis is just the worst. In my case, I lost all the self-esteem and self-confidence I have in me.  It all started when I reached the stage of adolescence.  Puberty causes lots of changes in our bodies as we tend to grow into a man or woman. Some tend to look way better than before but some just grew to carry a new flaw to embrace.

Having hyperhidrosis is not easy. It is embarrassing and could ruin your life and career. It could ruin friendships, relationships, and everyday routines. I could still relate to this that even my best friends before never knew my condition, not even my boyfriend now! I am so embarrassed that whenever we’re out having some good times, I would always carry with me the fear of sweat marks building up on my shirt. And if that happens, I really could not enjoy at all because I’m too busy hiding my wet stains.

I’m now in college and it’s been 4 years since I’m suffering from wearing a thin, white fabric every day. I live in a tropical country and my case is just the worst. I’m not nervous but I feel hot and when I feel hot with my uniform on, I really am embarrassed because I knew, too well, that my uniform has now big, sweaty stain on the pits. Every single day, I have to deal with it. Whenever I arrive at school, I would always run to an air-conditioned room and stay there until my pits are dry. Through this condition, I’ve built a habit to always bring an umbrella and a fan with me just to lessen the hotness I feel whenever I’m out and wear uncomfortable fabrics. BUT it cannot stop my pits’ excessive sweating.

Defining that hyperhidrosis is an abnormal activity of the sweat glands that produce too much sweat leading to over sweating, it could also occur on the hands, face, the sole of the feet, underarms and other parts of the body. My hyperhidrosis occurs on the underarms and sole of the feet. Yes, I’m one of those unlucky people who tend to suffer for a lifetime unless treated. I could handle the hyperhidrosis on my feet that’s why I will focus on my pits.

I knew that I have this type of condition just this year but I have been suffering since I was in my 2nd year in high school. I happened to watch a video clip on YT and that’s when I knew that this condition has a name. I never knew that it was a condition, I even thought that I was just the one suffering but little did I know that there are LOTS of girls out there who are also suffering from this hassle.

Hyperhidrosis still doesn’t have the exact reason on why it happens but based on what I’ve read on medical blogs that it is caused majorly by the weather and mood which is true. I sweat excessively when it’s hot, if I feel tensed and nervous or when I have an active day of moving too much.

Do you want to hear what’s worst? Hyperhidrosis doesn’t have the prescribed treatment or exact medicine. I mean there are lots of ways to minimize and treat excessive sweating but it’s not that easy. I’ve heard that there are strong antiperspirants that you could use to control sweat but we don’t want super harsh chemicals applied on our underarms right, knowing that underarms are as sensitive as our feelings? Lol. There are even oral tablets that could be bought over the counter which also lessens sweating. But if you have the budget and want everlasting sweaty-free armpits, botox, miraDry, lasers, surgery are the things suggested treating those stubborn glands.

Botox only gives you temporary comfort and comes back to normal once the effects “expires” while having miraDry and surgery are the ones who give promising results but they are hella pricey. I watched a short documentary of a girl having a worse case of hyperhidrosis in the pits, she was given a chance to fulfill her wish to treat her pits by having the miraDry treatment. It uses microwave energy that burns the glands making it permanently stop producing sweat. The results were really evident on that lucky girl who finally conquered the battle of excessive sweating. Surgery happens when they remove your glands and this is the last option to treat your pits if anything mentioned above still not works.

For me, since I’m still a student, obviously, I cannot afford all of these. What I do is I follow the trick of putting liners under the sleeves of my shirt and manually catches wet stuff on my pits. But I have a plan to undergo the miraDry treatment and not mind all the cost when I graduate and have a stable job with a good salary.

It just sank to me that this is my life now. I’m now in my 20s and I don’t want to forever bring this flaw. I want to wear thin fabrics light-colored shirts, white uniforms and gray tops, I want to flaunt and confidently raise my arms even on hot days. I want to be confident and make the best out of my body. Aside of the dark patches on my pits, I want my hyperhidrosis to vanish and just let me wear clothes comfortably and not think every single time if my clothes had visible sweat marks or stains already.

There are just times that I think how would I feel if I wear clothes that I really want? With breathable fabrics and be confident wearing tank tops and not carry those fears.  I even envied girls who sweat too much but never leaves a sweat stain on their clothes and could even raise their arms confidently.

It’s just so embarrassing and self-humiliating. But what can I do? Old folks say that love your body, embrace your flaws and improve things that you don’t want on your body. How do I do that?

The bottom line here is, I just want you to know that you are not alone, we will defeat this in no time. For now, we’ll just suffer wearing clothes that would not really bust the stains in our pits or just flaunt it and embrace it.

Do you also have this condition? If yes, I would love to hear your experiences too and on how you handle it.

Sending love to all of you!

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