Review: 2 in 1 Milcu Under-arm and Foot Deodorant Powder

Hi loves, it’s been a while since I last reviewed a certain product but I want to share a product with you today which might sound familiar or you’ve never heard before.  I felt that it’s time to share this product by Vicherey Corporation which I’ve been using religiously for years already. Thus, I present to you this Holy Grail and a must have in every hygiene kit and wardrobe, the 2 in 1 Milcu under-arm & foot deodorant powder!

We already know what a deodorant is and what it does right? Now storytime, I’ve heard of this product since I was in high school and upon hearing it, I gave it a try. I know this is kind of embarrassing to admit and share to all of you but when I am in my adolescent stage, I tend to have some odor issues especially at my armpit area. We all know that upon reaching puberty, many changes happen in our bodies. Well, mine is the build-up of odor in my armpits. I could still remember that I never wore deodorants or antiperspirants during my childhood until one day when I was in grade 3, we had a camping activity at school and I borrowed a friend’s shirt. This is my hypothesis though, that I got my armpit odor through that shirt because after wearing that shirt, I noticed some fool smell on my armpits whenever I perspire.

It was when I’m in grade 4 that I officially started wearing deodorants every single day. Since I’m new into this hygiene routine, I would always forget to wear a deo and end up smelling awful the whole day which is so embarrassing.  Up to now that I’m on my last year of being a college student, I still have this battle and never conquered it. I could say this odor just loves my armpits so much that they don’t wanna leave! But with the help of Milcu deodorant powder, my armpit odor has lessened a bit.



Milcu deo powder acts as an antiperspirant and a foot powder as well. It comes in a talc form and a roll-on deo as well. It claims that it has no chemical properties, that it is all natural and mild to the skin. Below are the other claims of the deo powder:

  • Non-sticky
  • Non-darkening
  • Does not stain fabric
  • Provides all-day protection
  • Controls excessive perspiration
  • Prevents body odors without clogging pores

Seeing all these claims, I was indeed mesmerized that I just found myself using it for years and proven if these claims are true. Let’s start with the claim that it has all natural ingredients and mild to the skin. To be honest, this is the shortest list of ingredients I saw in a product all my life!


Potash alum, Hydrated Magnesium Silicate

Yup! Just 2 ingredients. Well, let’s see if these are all natural. Based on my little research, potash alum or potassium aluminum sulfate is a chemical compound which is recognized by FDA (Food & Drug Administration) as a safe substance. Potash alum is an inorganic salt which is usually formed in a large, transparent crystal and used for rabies vaccines, papilloma, anthrax, etc. while hydrated magnesium silicate is a clay mineral or the common talc or talcum which is an ingredient used mostly in baby powders. I’m no expert on this chemical stuff and science but that doesn’t sound natural ingredients to me. Well, I could say that the first claim is a flop.

Down to the second claim that it is non-sticky and non-darkening. Weeeeeeeell, (yup I made that really long haha) it’s true! Unlike the usual deo sticks and roll-ons that leaves on a wet and sticky feeling upon application, this never felt sticky since it is in powdery texture.  About the non-darkening part, I’m in a neutral mode here. I admit I don’t have the perfect armpits and I have dark patches or should I say, shadows on both of my pits and I noticed that it never lightened or darkened my stubborn patches since I started using this deo.

Up to the third claim that it doesn’t stain clothes and provides all-day protection, I’m also feeling 50/50 here. First, the white uniform that I’ve been using for almost 4 years now has yellow stains on the armpit area. I’m not sure if it’s from the Milcu deo or from other deos I used whenever I ran out of Milcu or it’s just the stain of my sweat that accumulated deep down for the past 3 years. I really don’t know who’s the real culprit on staining my uniform. For the claim of all-day protection, I’m also neutral. I could say that this deo lasts up to me for only a whole day IF I have a very active and sweaty day but IF I don’t sweat too much for that day, the deo lasts up to night. I don’t know if the deo protects me for up to 24 or 48 hours but I really don’t care anymore because other deos claimed for 24 or 48 hours of protection but it never worked on my pits anyway. By the way, I have hyperhidrosis and I think this is the one to blame for not letting my deo stay and protect me for a longer time.

Now, unto the last claim that it controls excessive perspiration and prevents body odors without clogging my pores.  Well, well. The first claim didn’t and the second claim did. I have hyperhidrosis on my armpits and NOT 1 deo stopped or controlled my excessive perspiration on both pits. To the 2nd claim, yes, it did not clog my pores while protecting me from body odors because obviously, I still sweat excessively. Basic!

I also used it as a foot powder whenever I ran out of my Fissan foot powder and I could say that I don’t like it that much. The powder is not that fine, unlike my usual foot powder that is very smooth and velvety like a baby powder. It’s kind of irritating and has a coarse texture when applied unto my feet and wear socks after. I don’t know but I really am sensitive to textures and my skin reacts not too well whenever the product irritates me. I also have sweaty feet so I noticed that whenever I use this as a foot deo, I could really feel my feet sweat. Yes, as I said earlier that no deo or foot powder could tame my hyperhidrosis but I think this product did not tame enough. I mean there are other products out there that could at least manage a little sweat but this one only does the job to protect you from odors but as to making you feel dry? Nope. You can’t trust this.


It’s up in the packaging that it has the direction on how to apply and a warning not to use it if you have broken skin or if rashes occur which is common for every product.

How to Use:

After bathing, dry your underarms and feet thoroughly, then apply Milcu powder sparingly.


Do not apply on broken skin. If rashes occur, immediately rinse with water and discontinue use.

Final Thoughts:

For almost 10 years of using it, I came up with the things that I love and hate about the product.

What I love about the product:

  1. It doesn’t give me a sticky feeling upon application
  2. It neutralizes bad odors
  3. Majority of their claims were true
  4. Comes in 40grams or 80grams
  5. It’s in powder form
  6. The packaging is convenient and hygienic
  7. Less harmful chemical ingredients
  8. It doesn’t have any artificial fragrances

What I hate about the product:

  1. It never tamed my excessive sweating
  2. It leaves on white streaks on my pits
  3. It never brightened my dark patches
  4. Its powder particles are not fine and smooth enough
  5. It doesn’t give me 24 or 48 hours of protection
  6. Due to the inflation rate, it’s kind of pricey already

We deserve protection and we don’t want foul odors right? So why not throw all your over-infused chemical and sticky deo sticks and switch on a powder deo? It’s worth a try, I promise!

Anyways, now that I proved some claims are true and some are not, based on my personal experience tho, I would still and definitely recommend it to all skin types.

Will I repurchase?

Yes, always first on the list.

Net Weight:

40 grams / 80 grams


Watsons, other drugstores, and all supermarkets


Around 60 to 80 pesos

Overall Rating:



I’ve been using this product for a long period of time already and this is the only time that I knew more facts about this amazing product. By this review, I would never know that this product is proudly made in my country-the Philippines! I hope this review is also helpful for you especially if you have the same problem as mine.

If you have any products in mind that could conquer this everlasting odor of mine and resolve my stubborn dark patches, I would love to see it in the comment box below. *smiles*

Until next time luvs! Thank you for reading!

2 responses to “Review: 2 in 1 Milcu Under-arm and Foot Deodorant Powder”

  1. Do you have effective deo recommendations that doesn’t cause yellow stains?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, even if this post has been up for years now, I still haven’t found that kind of deo yet. I just stick to milcu over the years.


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