Review: Hua Mulan Comb

It may sound too cliché but still, our hair is our crowning glory. We tend to fix it everyday but are we caring enough for it? Hair products such as shampoos and conditioners aren’t enough to care for our hair. Combs and brushes are also the essentials to achieve this “salon-rebonded” hair.

As an Asian living in a hot, tropical country, my hair is prone to damage, dandruff and even lice! Especially here in our city, it’s kind of hot and dusty, making my hair secrete oil and afterwards develop some dandruff which is really really itchy. Dandruff is not only the issue here, damages on hair such as hairfall, split ends, frizzy hair and dry, “no life” hair are also included.

In my case, my hair does have minor damages which are too much hairfall and dandruff. I admit, i, too, took my hair for granted and now regretting why i didn’t cared enough. Now i’m paying the price.


Hua Mulan combs are handmade combs made with 100% natural materials with materials such as wood, ox and goat horns. Majority of Hua Mulan Combs are made of wood which are rose wood, peach wood, yellow willow wood and sandalwood that tends to have a herbal minty scent.

The first three woods mentioned tend to be cheaper in price but still does the work while sandalwood is kind of pricey because of its herbal scent and precious properties. Precious in a way that sandal woods are fostered at mountain cliffs that are not accessible enough and needs a hundred of years to grow completely. Ox and goat horn combs tend to be much more expensive than the rest because of its claims and added healing benefits such as letting blood circulate better, lessen white hair production, reduce stress and headache, detoxify, lowers blood pressure and such.

Hua Mulan also claimed that continued use of their combs could lessen hairfall since it has lesser friction when combed unto the scalp unlike most plastic combs do. They also have brushes from small to large sizes and massage combs as well that has carefully structured bristles to stimulate circulation and a good night sleep.

Packaging: ✩✩✩

I’m kind of disappointed of the packaging since I’ve been wanting to buy this for so long when i found out about it on the web which has a decent paper bag and box as packaging. I kind of expected to have mine also when i purchased it on SM but mine just had a felt pouch with its brand and Chinese characters printed on it.

Quality: ✩✩✩✩

This product is excellent in terms of its claims, that it could lessen hair fall but i think it’s not “that” working in my super long hair since i still could see some strands of hair on my comb but not that much when i’m still using plastic combs.

Edit May 2020: still using this comb up to now and i think it worsened my hair fall. i might stop using this soon but i can’t find anything better yet since i don’t want to use plastic combs again.

Texture: ✩✩✩✩✩

I give it a perfect 5 since it really is evident on the comb itself. Knowing this comb is handmade, it gives you the “fragile feeling” because of its super fine, smooth and flawless finish. Even the carvings on each of the combs are carefully yet exceptionally engraved. Upon touching the comb, you’d know right on the spot that this is worth the price you paid for.

As time will pass by, the color of the comb would change into a darker shade.

Price: ✩✩

Yep, i admit. This comb is a kind of pricey. Ordinary plastic combs would only range from 5 to 35 pesos. Who would even buy a single comb for a price of 280? Well, i guess it’s me. But, i guarantee you that this comb really is worth it. You won’t even regret a single peso you spent for this wood comb. There are lots of combs to choose from, starting from detanglers to brushes to expensive goat horn and sandalwood combs. Once you entered their tiny kiosk, It’s kind of overwhelming and correct me if I’m wrong but the price of combs starts at 100.

Availability: ✩✩✩

Hua Mulan kiosks are simple, small and has a very classic, oriental, vintage anterior and could only be found on selected SM stores which is kind of difficult for people that doesn’t have SM stores at their area. I’m not really sure if it’s available on other local stores but they are now up selling online. If you would like to visit their account, click here.

Overall: ✩✩✩✩

All in all, i super duper love this comb. At first, i’m so afraid to use this because i think it’s too perfect and fragile to use but then i tried using it and up to now, I’m still using it. I bought this comb for a month already and i observed that this comb has pros and cons.


  1. It is portable. I mean i bring it to school everyday. And it doesn’t take much space in my purse.
  2. It’s good in detangling my tangles and does not hurt unlike other combs do when you detangle your tangles.


  1. I tend to spend time longer than usual since i have long hair and i gotta be careful combing my tangles. I don’t wanna miss a bristle y’know.
  2. After using it continuously for a month, it has changed its color. I got mine in peach wood which is a light brown orangey in color but now it became darker in color like it has been tanned. It also has black stains on the edges of my comb. I don’t know if it’s from the pouch or my dirty hair.
  3. I think it’s not applicable in combing it to wet hair. I read lots of reviews on this comb and they tend to mention that this comb is not good into wet hair because it might ruin the wood. But as to my experience? Nothing really happened to my comb. Every day, i comb it to my dripping, wet hair but my comb is still fine though. I don’t know, maybe because it’s still a month since I’ve been using it continuously. I think I’ll have to do an update of this comb after a year to validate those claims.
  4. In my experience, i have long hair and my scalp itch every time. Well, this comb will not relieve those itch since it has round bristles and designed for comfort and not for scratching the scalp. I am not that satisfied tbh because I’ve been used to hair brushes and that only satisfies my itchy scalp.
  5. I read reviews (even the saleslady said this to me) that this comb gets easily broken when dropped on the floor so you really have to take good care of this comb and make sure to not drop it. As i said earlier, this comb is fragile.

Final Thoughts:

I’m looking for combs or brushes that has the quality of taking such great care to my hair and i saw it already. It might be a little expensive but you really get the best of what you paid for. It might have lots of cons but it’s really the comb i would recommend to you guys.

Now, I’m encouraging you, ladies, to throw away your plastic combs and switch to authentic wood comb. Your hair also deserves great care, you know.

Hoping that this review is helpful. Let me know in the comments below if you agree or disagree on switching to wood combs.

2 responses to “Review: Hua Mulan Comb”

  1. Galliiing baniiicha❤❤❤❤

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  2. I reallyyyyy want to try this Hua Mulan comb. Unfortunately, they don’t open a branch here in Indonesia. And I have been thinking on how I should buy, cause using hand carry service tend to be very expensive and the online shop doesn’t sell it to my country. Maybe I would need to wait for my cousin annual company bonding camp with Philippines as destination.
    With this Corona there is no way the company would set a camp overseas this year though. It’s already too dangerous to go anywhere.

    But I would put it on my wish list for when I can contact the seller to see if they might open a Shopee Indonesia account so I can buy it or sending it over to Indonesia. 😁


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