New Beginnings

Hello everyone!!! I am glad that i finally have decided to enter the world of blogging since I’ve been interested to do a lifestyle blog.

Things to expect in this blog:

  • Product reviews
  • Must visit places
  • Recommendations and Suggestions to other stuff and many more!!!

Since i’m a newbie here, please just bear with me whether it be my grammar, my clarity to explaining things, and the content of my posts. It is expected that there really are things tho that can’t be avoided whenever i’m about to write something. It may not be understandable to others but i will do my best for them to understand what i want them to understand.

I am not perfect. I am still a student as of the moment who took the course in the field of arts majoring in English. (it’s clearer now eh? why i want myself to improve) I can obviously omit mistakes whenever i’m writing and that cannot be avoided as well. I repeat, I am not perfect.

I decided to build a lifestyle blog because it makes me happy and my heart flutter. It really is something to be excited about. There might also be times that i will be in hiatus mode but that doesn’t mean i will be abandoning my blog. I will come back as soon as things around me are fine, as soon as i settle something or as soon as i finished my other stuff (school stuff in particular).

I write because i know this is my passion. It may not be in full bloom yet but i know there is a room designated for improvement. (my improvement) thus, i say, this blog might be the “room” as well.

Writing takes time for you to build a beautiful yet long output thus a flawless writing needs a lot of time.

To be honest, i really cannot finish writing a whole book. I can write but just in small pieces. Obviously, i am struggling to obtain consistency in all of my writings. That really is my problem that’s why I also created an account for writing short stories/narratives whenever something comes out of my mind.

To wrap this up, i just want to say that i expect a lot here in my blog. I really do hope that i will improve my writing skills in this blog, that i could do long writings and not just into tiny fragments. I also do hope that you’ll enjoy reading my blog knowing of its imperfections. I know that there are lots of lifestyle blogs out there but again, i will do my best for me and my blog to standout. Just praying also for my consistency in writing and maintaining this blog as well.

Last thing i want to say is that i accept corrections, recommendations and suggestions. May it be reviews, my grammar, contents or my style of writing. I would also really be glad if you are to correct me about a certain word or line i omitted that may not be applicable to my writings.

Have a safe day ahead folks, take care!

Luv always xx


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